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  1. 1. Biofuel

    • Yes. It must be something extremely necessary for large colonies.
    • Yes.
    • No
    • Biofuels in space? Stupid

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Biofuels good idea or something stupid/unnecessary?

When we develop medium-sized colonies would it be possible to produce biofuel? Of course I know needed water, fertilizer (in plants), sunlight, carbon dioxide and other things.

We could grow algae, microorganisms or plants for that.

We may be able to use the waste (if added) that kerbals would produce.

We can extract from alien ecosystems (if added)


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As ksp2 is a futuristic technology game it would be cool to be able to produce bio-hydrogen pure enough to be used in nuclear fusion.

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I know they've added some plants to Kerbin lately in KSP, and in KSP2 we've seen entire forests and can only guess what the biodiversity on other worlds will be like, but my brain is still stuck in the olden days, when the only living thing in KSP was Kerbals. I just wanted you to have context.




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Biofuels won't be necessary for colonies - Rask and Rusk will have enough sunlight to run 100% solar, for instance. But it'd be a cool idea for a low tech space program.

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Depends on the complexity of colonies. If they are half as complex as has been insinuated, I think biofuel would be a great addition to the recycling and reuse process of a closed loop colony. It can be used to fuel rovers, power plants, and to a lesser extent, probes. It could even spice up Jebs coffee, when he does something stupid and makes Bill mad.


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