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I'm going to go EVERYWHERE!!!

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After much consideration for my next YouTube video I have decided! Maybe... :I I may do a Jool 5 mission or a mission to EV ERYWHERE! It might take a while but hey That what it means by going everywhere. However, since I'm a total fuel waster  I have considered a plant o make it easier.  Im going to laucnh a bunh of ships and part. Assemble a missive, Biuldl a space stion of other ships Im gonna sue.

  1.  Launch the main ship. 
  2. Make a spacestation to dock other main ships. 
  3. Go to Minmus and Mun
  4. Go to Duna and Ike
  5. Go back to Kerbin
  6. Get anpther ship
  7. Go to Eve. Land on Gilly
  8. Land on Eve
  9. Go back to Kerbin
  10. Grab another ship to Moho
  11. Perform a eve assit to Kerbin. Go back to Kerbin
  12. Grab another ship
  13. Go to Dres refuel
  14. Go to Jool and do a Jool 5
  15. Perform a Jool Tylo sssit to Eeloo
  16. Land on Eeloo return home

Mght not go well :)


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6 hours ago, Dientus said:

Just curious why you don't outfit a resource miner and refuel at each place you stop? Is it for the challange of returning for another ship after every place you visit?

Didint think of this.

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On 7/6/2021 at 7:39 AM, Rocket Factory Augsburg said:

Like....everywhere-everywhere?? :confused: Keep us updated! ^_^

This was put off for a few months due to tehcnical problems. But my PC got fixed so I can start! I hope the ship Im using wont make my PC cray though. 

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Well, ima do this, but modded, so yeah, enjoy hundred year long missions, I will do it with epstien drives and nuclear jets

with mods, I could do a whole grand tour of stock without any gravity assists, and without using transfer windows either(Brachistochrome trajectories)

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