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WhaT Gameplay Footage of KSP2 Would You Like To See???

Which UI would you like to see? (Gameplay Footage)  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Which UI would you like to see? (Gameplay Footage)

    • Main Menu UI
    • VAB UI
    • SPH UI
    • Colony Building UI
    • When Flying Rocket/Planes UI
    • Map UI (Maneuver nodes, Apoapsis, and Periapes, and etc.)
    • Tracking Station UI
    • Astronaut Complex UI
    • Other UI

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  • Poll closes on 12/31/2022 at 08:12 PM

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3 hours ago, Master39 said:

Where did you take that screenshot from? Wasn't the UI supposed to be organized differently?

You're right... I do remember seeing this picture with a different layout organization.


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18 minutes ago, PlutoISaPlanet said:

The only differences  are that staging and nav ball are flipped. You will probably have the option to fiddle with that in game.

One is the design they presented for KSP2, with all the flight info in one corner and the less crucial details (the Kerbals) on top, the other is the KSP1 layout, I missed when they showed it, even if I already knew we'll be able to change it.


Now that i notice the old layout is not an in game screenshot but just a edit of the original one as you can clearly see: 

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I would really like to see an update on procedural vegetation, forests of Kerbin, and maybe a sneak peak at some alien flora.

Also, it's pretty clear Intercept is shy about showing their physics progress, but it'd be nice to see at least some demonstration that it's happening. Surely, they can have a rocket or plane with smaller part count in action by now.

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5 hours ago, JB182 said:

I VOTE ALL OF 'EM! i want to see how we build colony's.

Me too.

9 hours ago, Dientus said:

There could be any number of reasons why the difference. Unless someone from @Intercept Games either denies or verifies which is what, all we can do is speculate things like photoshopped or different UI testing layouts etc.


So true.

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