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How many hours do you have on KSP?

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To properly answer your question, I have to do a little math before coffee:

  • I have 2,542 hours on my Steam game (this is simply the original Steam download + updates since 2012).
  • I have 1,260 hours on my non-Steam version (1.3) I play that's fully modded.
  • I have about 500 hours on my KSP Store version of KSP (stock 1.11 without mods)
  • I have 250 on another version of KSP I piddle with.

That means I have  4,552 hours I've played some rendition of Kerbal Space Program.

Now, how much did I pay for the game?

  • $5.99 when KSP was still in development and during a Steam sale in 2012. (This is the first two games listed above)
  • $25.00 from the Kerbal Space Program website/store (I thought the one through the store page might offer more than the Steam version)
  • The third is not pirated and I cannot discuss where it is from. ;)
  • DLC for the game $29.98 ($14.99 each) for both.

That means I have spent $60.97 on KSP (I have spent more than this on games and DLC that I play less frequently). But if we take that and divide it by the number of hours played, at $0.0134 per hour of fun, I think it's a good investment and a lot cheaper than an hour in a movie theater or at a theme park. :)

Note: I would be willing to spend more on KSP if the KSP store were to ever start selling Jeb plushies again!

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I had ~500hrs according to steam BEFORE EVER USING ANY MODS. Once I did I stopped playing through steam (was probably KER & mechjeb thinking about it). Based on the above and a guesstimate I’d say it’s got to be at least 10 times that. Scary.

Especially as I’ve only just, within the last 50hrs, learnt how to manually rendezvous efficiently without letting mechjeb work it out. There’s always something new to learn on KSP.

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24 minutes ago, a_space_oddity said:

Excuse my ignorance, but what is GOG? Also steam says I have 90 hours, but most of my time was spent offline not launching through steam, so I have no clue what my actual time is. 

Good Old Games. It's another PC game online retailer with a desktop client, like Valve's Steam. They originally started with old 80ies-90ies classics, hence the name. 

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On 4/8/2021 at 3:36 AM, adsii1970 said:

That means I have spent $60.97 on ksp

I have spent about $800 on flight simulator hardware/ software.


Send help.


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Probably around 300-400, but most of those hours where I left it on overnight because I forgot to turn it off.  It is probably only 100-200 active hours.

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On 4/8/2021 at 4:13 AM, JB182 said:

about 200's hours

or less... idk but my goal is 300 hours

I don't know how long you have been playing KSP, and I'm not in any way knocking you, without exception we all started with zero hours at some point.  For a many games 300 hrs is probably 'quite a lot', but for KSP that is still very much 'noob' territory, as you will discover.  As you get more in to it that '300hr goal' will just fade away into the distant past.

Myself, I estimate I have played around 4000 hrs, over 8 years (started in March 2013), with a mixture of just playing fairly regularly, some very intense periods and  not playing for weeks on end.

KSP has been described as a 'hobby' in it's own right, not unlike model railway building.  And, from my experience, that's not a bad comparison.

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About 1500.

I stopped launching from steam at 700 hours, my best estimate places it at 1500 hours today.

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