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secret console controls


I was wondering if any of you knew any of the not mentioned in tutorial or controls guide controls (BTW I am on console) for example I learned this one far to late L1 while moving the position of a maneuver mode in a solar orbit will allow you to move the position of the maneuver at a normal speed (hope this one is useful for new players it definitely one you want to learn early on)

2: L1+left or right on the  dpad will allow you to switch vessels that are within 2.5 kilometres (it may be closer I haven't tested) very useful for docking and getting the correct rotational alignment(for example you have forgotten to attach rcs to your craft which does however have a docking port you get into orbit realize your situation  but instead of reverting flight you decide to dock to a nearby refueling and shipbuilding station (plz 1.11 for console) you get within kilometre cancel your relative velocity and precede towards the station you realize docking without rcs is going to be really hard and finicky. so in you cleverness(really its Matt Lowne's cleverness I just figured out how to do it on console) you switch to the station using L1+left button on the dpad (I just googled what that was called)you then control from the docking port that your other ship is targeting(the one without rcs) target the ship without rcs switch the station's sas vector to target switch back to the ship without rcs and switch to target sas vector and boom you can just move straight forward at about .8 mps with you engine(not mile per hour metres per second) and you should successfully dock (provided no complications (kraken etc.) all thanks to vessel switching and a control combination that isn't in the control menu or the tutorial(and Matt Lowne for inventing the technique)

please post any other secret or otherwise unknown combinations and squad if you read this please release the rest if there are and if there aren't I would very much appreciate the ability to change the controls for console  

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Some off-topic comments have been removed. It can be very frustrating to be trying to get help with a game and receive only joke replies. Please don't do that. 

Also, thread moved to Gameplay Questions. 

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Don't forget switching vessels also works for EVA kerbals.

The one set of controls I find particularly useful is the RCS thruster controls. They work like this:

  • Circle - toggles SAS
  • L1+Circle - toggles RCS thrusters
  • R1+Up/Down - burns in an upward or downward direction, per your current control point's orientation, and only while RCS is turned on
  • R1+Left/Right - burns leftward and rightward
  • R1+R2/L2 - burns forward and backward

Once you have these controls mastered, they're pretty easy to use at any time mid-flight. I use them for example to make quick adjustments when I'm going interplanetary. I haven't activated docking mode in a couple years since I have no need of it anymore.

It's also good to know L1+Triangle which brings up the SAS target wheel. Use this to quickly target Prograde when taking off, or target Retrograde when coming in for a landing.

I somehow only recently figured out that Left on d-pad is a whole other wheel of shortcuts. I use that to toggle Lights.

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