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Can someone link me to the outer planets mod?

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I was just looking for new challenges, when I stumbled over this expanded deltaV map


And I thought, wow, that's exactly what I need to make a grand tour more complicated!

except, I can't find the mod in question. which is strange, because many people talk about it, it seems quite famous. But both forum search and searching in the mod library gave no results.

can someone kindly link me to the mod page? thanks

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11 minutes ago, Stamp20 said:

Instead of using the forum search, use Google.

Use google, but add the term " site: "forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com" "  to the end of your google search.   That will use power of google, but restrict it to the forums.  A lot forums years ago used to have that as their default built in search tool, I don't know why that isn't common any more.

Another great way to search for mod threads is to use CKAN.   Even if you don't use CKAN to install the mods, it's a great resource as they have catergorized and indexed the vast majority of mods out there, with direct links to mod threads here on the forums.

And with that, this question has been moved to the Add-on Discussion sub. 

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