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The Soundtracks of Melodysheep: A Music Mod

Kerbal Productions

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61xYjNI.pngThis mod replaces most of the soundtracks you hear in the stock KSP. This mod contains some of Melodysheep's 
grand songs from some of his albums. So, enjoy this mod!




A new update will come soon! It'll have more soundtracks, and a secret soundtrack!


  • Soundtrack Editor Forked
  • ClickThroughBlocker
  • ToolbarController
  • SpaceTux Library

1. Install Soundtrack Editor Forked and its dependencies. Then, download this mod.
2. Once the dependencies of this mod are installed, go to your KSP directory and open the folder "Music". (if you don't see this folder, you did not install the Soundtrack Editor Forked).
3. Remove the content of the "Music" folder, and then extract the contents of the "Music" folder in the zip file.
4. Open the "TheSoundtracksofMelodysheep" zip file. You will see a "playlist.cfg" file. Cut it.
5. Go back to the KSP folder where you see several folders like "KSP_x64_Data" and "Parts". Open "Playlists" folder.
6. Paste the "playlists.cfg" from the "TheSoundtracksofMelodysheep" folder to the Playlists folder. If there's a playlists.cfg in the Playlists folder, override it.
7. Done! Now you can enjoy this mod!



  • This is probably an experimental release. I returned the Astronaut Complex original soundtrack. There is an RnD soundtrack already.
  • It's now released on all platforms excluding CKAN and GitHub.
  • Don't put this on GameData, please. It will be full of bugs.
  • This is compatible for all versions. If there's a version incompatibility, please message me on Discord (Kerbal Productions#0160) or on the KSP Forum (Kerbal Productions)
  • There will be bugs, and some are new. Please tell me if something bad happened.

Moar notes I guess.






And hey! It's on Spotify now!

Listen here, like literally here: 


Just the link: https://open.spotify.com/user/ztya0rrkv03rpd5z4tdq52eka/playlist/6GI0nK2xhQp205rL5UbxYg?si=7WTgfT7JSn295Hby0AK66Q


DOWNLOAD HERE: https://spacedock.info/mod/2686/The Soundtracks of Melodysheep: A Music Mod or https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/the-soundtracks-of-melodysheep-a-music-mod-for-ksp

Latest Version: 0.2.0
License: MIT




Tell me, what's your favorite music when you listen in here! And another thing: sorry, some of what you'll listen is ON MY MOVIE! YES! YES! ig. :(

this mod is not available on CKAN due to one of the dependency.

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8 minutes ago, Kerbal Productions said:

Guys, help me. It says it's on CKAN but it's not on CKAN.
How long does it take for a mod to be on CKAN?

Unfortunately, we're not able to add this mod because it depends on Soundtrack Editor Forked, which CKAN can't install because of the folders into which it wants to install DLLs. Background references listed in my comment on the pull request: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/pull/8462

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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