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Minmus landing with zero fuel.

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I managed my first probe landing on Minmus and my probe started to fall over, so I hit the gas, moved to a flat site and ran out of fuel. I landed at 10m/s with no damage, all in the name of science.


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21 minutes ago, Gargamel said:

Woohoo!   Congrats! It even kinda resembles Apollo 11 too. 


And moved to mission reports :D

Ok, thanks, I did look where to post it ..... now I know.

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12 hours ago, NewtSoup said:


It always puts a smile on my face to see someone's first Minmus landing.

You've built a nice looking little probe there.


10 hours ago, Dientus said:

Or those direct comms transmitting to a relay sat somewhere?

They are direct Comms, I just put my first relay sat up around Mun, I posted that mission report also.

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