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While playing around with the EAS-1 external command seat I realized I didn't like how "ejection force" is implemented. 

The way it works is that it will generally apply the force when leaving the seat no matter the situation. Of course an emergency exit in 9 km height is different from simply disembarking a small plane. IRL you also don't eject by seat every time you leave your machine.

Now what I was wondering is if there is any way to make this distinction. I assume checking whether the plane has landed or is still moving etc. is rather complicated, so I thought about simply adding another button and have a "regular" LEAVE SEAT option where ejection force is always set to 0, and an "emergency exit" option with ejection force using the actual set value.

However, I have no idea how to do on about this. Can anybody comment if this is doable at all and if yes, how I could approach it?

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As there is only one ejection force parameter but two would be needed for this I'm thinking you would need a small plugin to perform the switch based on situation (maybe landed/splashed). Good idea by the way!

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Eh, I was afraid that was the case. If I have to write a .dll I'm out, I don't have the skills or time to acquire to the skills needed for that. Maybe someone more talented than me will see this and come up with something.

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