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I don't even COMPARE to some of the people writing stories  here. But, I want to share mine anyway. I now have a better title

Part 1: (Name Coming Soon)

Jeb was focusing on landing the shuttle back at base, with callouts from Val guiding him along. It was so much trickier, but more cinematic at night! 

"600, 500, Gear down, 400, watch the nose! 300, 200-"

Then an alarm sounded, Chamberlain 5CLSTSL-1 launch at T-3:00 minutes. All systems internal.


Jeb ran as fast as he could out of the simulator, racing to mission control. He looked at the rocket outside the big windows. It was a smaller rocket, but still huge, standing at 20 meters tall and 2.5 meters wide. It still could reach orbit, and with plenty of fuel to spare. As suggested by the name, it was the first launch of this rocket. The rocket was still being fueled, but the crew was inside for complicated reasons he didn’t bother to understand.

Back at the simulator, Valentina watched the shuttle crash right before the runway, and where the missing Jeb was, and blinked twice as if it would help process what happened. Bill and Dazon, behind her, were just as stunned. 

"Well this is a failure." Val said. "We had time to land."

“Well, I wanted to see the launch too, But Jeb, as with everything space, can’t wait.” Bill added.

“Good point. Let’s go.”

Dazon was still stuttering, failing to produce words. Even her thoughts just couldn’t.

Hadlock Kerman was ready at the, unofficial name, Javelin, to light up the engines and shoot him into the sky. He’d always dreamed about space, ever since watching Bob take the first steps on Minmus, and Jebediah take the first steps on the Mun. He immediately signed up, and was recruited. But now, He was sitting in a rocket, he was scared.

T-10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, All engines running, 2, Throttle up, LIFTOFF! We have a liftoff of the Jave- Sorry, Chamberlain 5-Crew Local Space Transport System Launch-1. Altitude 1,000 meters and rapidly climbing.

That was funny. The name for the crew module they were in was the Chamberlain 5CSTSL1. The name for the launch vehicle was Javelin 2, a much cooler, concise name. BUT, Gene insisted on it being called the Chamberlain 5CLSTSL-1. Probably because he won Rock-Paper-Scissors with Jeb on what to call it.

“Hadlock! Start the gravity turn! We’re already at 2,000 meters!” Yelled Lobert, the other pilot.

He began to move the stick to the right, following the standard procedure. He remembered seeing a flat-kerbiner on a video about the Acapello launches saying, “ It’s literally turning away from space OML. “ But everyone that knew the slightest thing about space travel knew you needed to head east to get into space. Very soon, the G forces stopped. Already? He thought. In the simulator it felt like the first stage burned forever. He checked the altitude. 35,000 meters. What!? They were so high, and so fast! He continued to do what he remembered- BONK!

OI! We're on the bloody second stage, pitch up!

An hour, a lot of helmet bonks, and one rib jab later, they were docked. Wehrmy, the scientist noted that it was weird. They go from 1G (T-10) to 3G (T+10), to 0.7G (T+2:00), to 0G (T+4:00), then to 1G again (T+1:40:00) at the Olympus’s gravity rings. Now, they had quite the important and boring task ahead. Unloading all the supplies, doing experiments, and servicing the space station. Unlike other ones, This space station used a Nuclear power plant to supply the power-hungry rings.

A few days later, Jeb sat in the commander seat of the Atlantis shuttle ready to launch. In the back was a 40-ton refueling tank for future missions. Now, The shuttle sat fully fueled, waiting to catch Olympus as it neared the, "Go" position.  After what felt like an eternity, the commentated countdown started. Jeb threw the throttle forward, and atop all the noise, he somehow heard T-0. Like a clap of lightning among lots of thunder, the SRBS ignited. Jeb laughed at Dazon's question a few hours before. 

"What if the bolts don't release?"

"They rip them off, shuttle goes to space anyway."

He hoped that didn't happen, but didn't really care, as the shuttle would go to space anyway.

Jeb saw a piece of foam fall off the external tank. It had such a high velocity, it shattered Bill's window. 

If only they knew the irony of it.

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Posted (edited)

My school schedule, or lack of one, interrupted this one, not once, but twice.:mad:

Part 2: (Name coming soon)

The launch went smoothly- for a shuttle. Well, smoother than Atlantis' previous variant. No-one speaks of the previous variant.

When the SRBs burnt out, they almost lost control. It was fine, but having to pitch back towards the SRBS was almost bad. Too soon after that, the external tank ran out. They were in space, sure, but their apoapsis was 80 km, compared to the Olympus' 120. For some reason, listening to the OMS burn when not circularizing made Jeb and Val quite upset.


"OMS burn 1 complete. Jeb, Vall, are you ok?"

"NO!" They both yelled.

"Uhhh, Bill, is this usual?" 


1 12 second burn, to Jeb and Val's annoyance, and 1 orbit later, they were 1.2 km away and at a relative velocity of 20 m/s.

They decelerated, and then accelerated with the much more annoying sounding RCS.

They then saw Olympus start an RCS burn. Then, the radio came on.

"Ground control to Atlantis! Olympus is accelerating radial in to avoid a huge debris field. Unless you wish to die, you should too."

"It's probably Tereshkova station, it got destroyed last week." Dazon remarked.

"Wait, Tereshkova? Uh-oh." Val proclaimed

(Coyotes starting howling,  but barking out a window always works.)

1 week earlier

"Hey! I was told Tereshkova was a E class asteroid!"

"Yeah, well we read the information wrong. It was a size B all along."

"How do you even mess that up?"

"How about you start the experiments, Linn?"

"Alright then!"

Mary and Sean were always worried about Linn and Lahna's relationship. they were siblings, but sometimes they could be mistaken for worst enemies.

As the drill light went on, there was an unpleasant sound, oscillations and they saw a drill float past outside.

"C-Command? The asteroid fell apart."


That'd be the worst case scenario, communications lost, loss of station and-. No, the worst case scenario would be the Loss of Station and CrewWhy did my brain go straight to dying up here? I want solid ground, Now!

"Uhh, Pressure suits on. We're going back down."

"Are you sure? We haven't retried contact-"

"HEL- Oops- Uhm, It's dangerous to stay here. We don't know what was in the asteroid that just got released. It's best to re-enter now. I'll see our touch-down site."

Observers watched at the desert airfield. They saw the news about the unknown state of Tereshkova. Over 2 orbits, they saw no change other than lights turn off. But finally, They saw the Krunichev separate from the hab's docking port. Little detail could be seen, but suddenly, the station left Linn's crew behind. Miya Kerman rapidly readjusted his telescope's position. 

They cheered. The crew would be coming home.

All KSC crew stood just west of the Astronaut complex, watching for an orange trail come over the horizon. Eventually, it did!

It was rapidly decelerating. By the mountains, it was still very high but basically going straight down. The chute half-deployed, and recovery trucks raced to the grasslands. Just as they got there, The capsule hid itself in a veil of dirt as the retro-rockets fired.

The first words of any crew that stepped out of the Krunichev, "I'm going to throw up!"

The mentality of the crew and the clear cause contribute to the fact this incident felt less permanent than the previous than the Acapello-1 pad failure and the Dynawing re-entry failure that crashed in a residential area. 

Back to present time

Valentina and Bill were the only ones that thought of the permanence of Tereshkova's effects. 

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