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My Ideas on Kerbal "Lore"

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    Now I don't have incredibly specific ideas about kerbal lore like other people. Just, " in general "


     Kerbals are an incredible reckless race of explorers. Constantly wondering, what's next? Kerbal children all across the world share this dream, playing as the explorers of old, but now, look up to Mun, Minmus and beyond.

     There are many different Space agencies, But the most famous is called the KSP, mainly located on a peninsula on the equator called KSC, making spaceflight much easier than RosKosmos' launches at the Woomerang facilities. The desert launch facility is run by whoever is using it. Prototype tests, Suborbital launches, you name it by all different space programs.

     The most famous kerbals are Jebediah, Bob, Bill and Valentina, who is possibly of other descent than her male counterparts, due to a different accent and  Reasons  I can't think of right now.

It's 12:50 AM, I'll be back to add info and fix mistakes I didn't see.


MINMUS: I believe in the early solar system, Minmus was part of a bigger planet, before being smashed away, similar to the way the Moon was formed. That's why it still has flats.

VALL: Was a rogue planet that got captured by a series of gravity assists off of other Jool moons. (That's why it's so unstable with N-body physics.) Under the ice, it may still have on ocean, maybe even with  life.

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