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KAL-1000: How to make it play on every keypress?

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Here's a full description of the dead end I've gotten into:

I'm packing self-refuelling gear into Mk2 cargo bays. It's a big drill and a small converter; a combination I've found to be useful in a different vehicle (with maximally-levelled crew). In the bays of a spaceplane in flight the drill has to sit horizontally, so it's mounted on a big hinge. I'm trying to use KAL-1000 controllers to coordinate deployment and pack-away: bays opening and closing, hinge angle changing, and drill extending and retracting. Having got tired of doing simpler sequences (no hinge) manually, this is an obvious job for sequencers. Because I can't control drill deployment with analog tracks, I have two controllers: one to deploy, one to pack away. When I test this, each controller works fine the first time it's used. However, after first use, play position of each is stuck at the end position and it does not work.

My question is: How do I make a controller play from the beginning on every keypress?

I tried to do it with another pair of controllers controlling the first pair and each other. It might work, but I'm very confused now.

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