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Is this the end of the J5 Jool 5 Mission?

The above overdramatic image is the product of Bill Kerman's desprate stripping of redundant components. Due to very poorly calculated snack supplies, rations were reduced first from 3 snacks/kerbal/day, to 2/k/d, and finally one (I do like that the snacks mod allows this). 

While the craft still has ~1500 m/s of Delta-V, probably enough to get home, and possibly even complete the mission considering components that will be dumped after use (Laythe lander for instance), it cuts it short either way, and requires some gnat-leg margins on gravity assists and aerobrakes if I try to complete the mission.


The Toshnika Space Program has been forced to open up to the Kerbin public (that means you) for suggestions...


(Hey, at least the Tylo landing & ascent worked perfectly)

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Since the lander will be dumped anyway, you can attempt that portion of the mission (snacks allowing) then get 'em home.


Snacks not allowing, leave the lander and components in orbit to return to later and bring them (kerbals) home now.


Either way, I smell J6 Jool 6 mission in the works. Be safe lil' kerbanauts!


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