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How to install KSP on a PC without using Steam?

Ben J. Kerman


I am not exactly sure where to put this thread, so if it is not in the correct forum section the moderators will move it (Sorry to make more work for you!)

I just want to know how to install KSP without steam because I am soon switching over to a different computer, and I have heard that it is best to play modded KSP without going through Steam. Can you tell me how to do it, or where to go to to find instructions?

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I do the following;

  1.  I have the steam install of the game. I never load any mods on it and I never play it. It is solely there for updates and reversions to older versions of KSP if required.
  2. When I want to have an instance of the game I copy the Kerbal Space Programs directory from "..\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program" to another location on my hard drive and then launch the KSP_x64.exe from the new location.
  3. I point CKAN to the new instance directory and then load multiple mods as required for that instance only.
  4. I then load all instances as non-steam games in my library and launch the one I need.

Using Steams BETA feature I can download different versions of the game if I need to build a specific version for an instance.

I currently have a "Play" instance with my career game, a "Dev" instance where I have only the mods I need to make my KSRGAP mod, and a JNSQ instance at ksp 1.8.1 for a side project I'm working on.

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