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Help me locate the mod for customizing the content of fuel tanks

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the stock game has fuel+Ox tanks and just fuel tank as different parts. the liquid fuel tanks are airplane parts, except the Mk1 and Mk0. and they have worse mass ratios. also, they look bad. and my project needs 5 meters parts, and there are no liquid fuel containers of that size.

I know there is a mod for choosing the content of your fuel tanks. You take any tank, and you decide whether it will hold liquid fuel or a Lf+Ox mixture, or maybe even monopropellant. but i can't find it. i don't know its name, so i tried to search. But "fuel", "tanks", "mod" are such common words around here, i get flooded by results. and i could not see it in the mod library.

Someone help me locate the mod, please

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There're also Modular Fuel Tanks (my favorite), Firespitter and  B9 Part Switch.

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