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[DEPRECATED] KASA Flag Pack and TUFX Profile - Custom KASA (Kerbal NASA) logos!


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This mod is now deprecated and has been replaced by PALETTE.

Custom Kerbalized NASA flags!

The pack includes custom-made KASA logos along with my TUFX profile.


KASA Meatball

Color, black, and white variants included.




KASA Worm logo

Black, white and red variants included.




My TUFX profile used Zorg's famous profiles as a base, and was partly inspired by the color grading in the opening scene of Gravity (2013). Included are 3 profiles:


Emilius_Default: The default profile.

Emilius_Default_Map: The default profile with motion blur disabled. Made for use in the map view.

Emilius_Default_noAO: The profile, with ambient occlusion disabled. Meant for close-up screenshot taking, as AO can form weird shadow lines when the camera is close to a part.


TUFX is (obviously) required. You can download it here.


I highly recommend the TUFX profile is used in conjunction with other visual mods. For the demo screenshots below, I used EVE, Scatterer, PlanetShine, Distant Object Enhancement, Waterfall and RealPlume, along with the JNSQ planet pack. 



Demo Screenshots













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On 4/25/2021 at 4:10 AM, amarius1 said:

For me these configs appear unusably bright on kerbin's surface. Is this intended?

To get the intended lighting in space, I had to go a bit bright on the surface (it's common in TUFX configs). You can try adjusting the ambient light boost (either in the stock graphics settings or PlanetShine if you have it) if it bothers you.

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New color profiles (seven to be exact) coming later this month, as well as an update on how the mod is structured (the flags and color profiles will be split into two separate mods).

Two of them are:

  • Kerbosawa Mode, a black-and-white color profile inspired by Akira Kurosawa's classic samurai films and Ghost of Tsushima's Kurosawa mode.
  • Damon Kerman mode, based on The Martian

The other 5 will be unveiled at launch!

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