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Show Off The Aircraft, Jet,Prop,Cargo,Passenger,Glider,Fighter etc That You Put Loads of Time Into Getting Just Right.


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This is my Eve research plane that I've built somewhat recently. Prop powered, can fly autonomously if needed, lots of electric charge, Mobile Lab + almost every science experiment that the stock game has to offer (almost because I annoyingly forgot to put Atmospheric Spectro-Variometer), space for 26 Kerbals  (only 9 went on the mission though), large container unit filled with various goodies and capability to fly infinitely during daytime thanks to solar panels on the wings and RTGs inside the cargo bay. Optimizing the plane design to survive Eve reentry and landing took quite some time, but after rigorous testing in Sandbox I ended up with design that can survive reentries from low Eve orbit fairly consistently and land softly on the surface. It does NOT have any rocket engines on board, which means I will need another lander to eventually retrieve my kerbonauts, but this craft was designed for very long-duration exploration mission anyway so I am not that concerned about its inability to return to orbit


In the spoiler you'll find the whole launch process of this plane, from launchpad all the way to Eve surface and flag planting. My first manned landing on Eve too, so that's nice :). Flag planter is Bob Kerman (Jeb and Bill are on Duna surface base so they couldn't join in)















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This was a pretty long time in the making, started with making a Banshee lookalike from Starcraft II. Then I decided to expand on the dual tilting fan idea with a new design. Then I found a Youtube channel that made all sorts of helicopters WITHOUT reaction wheels. Overall I managed to pack a lot of features into a craft that functions with or without reaction wheels. It can hover and strafe in any direction, having robotics controllers for each rotation and translation axis. I made this tutorial to show some advanced used of the KAL-1000 controllers!

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Everything you see is without DLC's nor mods.
I don't remember how to insert a GIF here.

Able to lift 65 tons. The heaviest stock heli's ever, the length of a 747-100.

Flies great.

Airplane with real control surfaces instead of the magically operated standard ones. These require resources and with increased speed becomes harder to fly, just like in real life. https://gfycat.com/shamefulskinnyincatern

My most popular helicopter. Even Scott Manley featured it in one of his video's.

The first ever stock turboprop. At some point you see an engine failure and the thing starts to wobble. Development was quick and a real race between users to develop the fastest turboprops. I held the record for two years until people started building UFO's and there was no fun into doing it anymore.


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