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Hey all, I recently had to reimage my PC and lost KSP.  I had purchased it through the website - not steam or otherwise.  But now that I'm stable, I went to the site last night and today to redownload.  Unfortunately the "store" is down for maintenance, I tried to load an old download that I had saved to backup once, log ago (144 - yeah embarrassing) but the update option wasn't avail.  

Not sure if we know how long the store is closed for maint?  Or if there's an alternative download that won't make me repurchase. 

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Still down :/

I woke up this morning after me and my fiance binge watched a load of Sci-Fi movies Fri and sat (Promethius, Alien: Covenant, Sunshine and StowAway), got me in a real space faring mood, and wanted to play KSP again, I've been checking back every hour. Really dissapointed there isnt any other way for me to download, or an ETA.

I would have linked it to steam but remember reading something on here that i read as "If you link it to steam you can't get it on the KSP site anymore", (i may have totally misunderstood it, but I like having multiple instances of KSP with different mod loadouts, so using steam isn't ideal for that.

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4 hours ago, Xt007 said:

@Vanamonde Any update on restoration?


2 minutes ago, Vanamonde said:

Moderators are not staff so I'm afraid we have no inside info on this. 

Posted right as you responded :wink:

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