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I got my first asteroid!

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After a (not-so) long time, I got my first asteroid! And also, I named it "Jebediah Kerman's Skyscraper" :)
Here's some pics :D

PIC 1: Launch. This thing has a total of about 10000 m/s worth of dV, the strongest I have ever made.
(sadly the next pics are the pics i got when i'm near the asteroid lol)
PIC 2: 26 meters from asteroid CoM

PIC 3: Docked? at the asteroid! solar panels deployed

PIC 4: Some EVA :P

PIC 5: After some asteroid path refining and renaming, I undocked and de-orbited



the asteroid lies at an inclined orbit, 150km from Kerbin  :cool:
too bad the asteroid has only 48 tons of resources left lol
but the question is, CAN I REFUEL FROM THE ASTEROID? HOW? :rolleyes:


@JB182have you done this already? :D


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