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Mechjeb 2 Ascent Guidance UI bugs when engine malfunctions due to Kerbalism


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Image of the UI


When an engine malfunctions due to Kerbalism, mechjeb Ascent Guidance seems to bug out and the only way to disengage it would be to let it continue running until complete. This is a strange bug and doesn't happen all the time, and thankfully it hasn't been a catosrophic bug for my space agency. However, this isn't the first time one of these UI things have  bugged out for me.


During a RP-1/RO career playthrough, the Ferram Aerospace Research UI would be broken 9 times out of ten, in a similar way to the way the Mechjeb UI looks. All the buttons dissapear.


Anyone know what might be causing this? It can be very annoying sometimes (and like I said, it's not happening all the time).


Cheers everyone!


EDIT: I'm playing on 1.11.2, all the mods are updated to the most recent releases

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Sounds like simple conflicting mods. With the ascent guidance, my guess is MJ won’t have anything in it’s code to say what to do if an engine suddenly breaks as that’s very unique to Kerbalism. 

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I would expect MJ to deal with an engine failure more gracefully than that; in my experience (with RO/test-lite rather than Kerbalism’s engine failures admittedly) it can deal with losing an engine and even if it can’t make it to orbit, it doesn’t just blank out the UI screen.

Did you try staging away the stage with the dud engine? Maybe it’s worth raising on the MechJeb forum thread, perhaps someone else has had the same issue.

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