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Working mods list

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I'd be very very thankfull if someone made similar list for plugins :)

I'm currently using .17 succesfully with the following plugins (All latest version ofcourse):

* Cart plugin

* ISA_Mapsat

* MMI Kethane

* Mechjeb

* Interplanetary Travel Calculator

* Demv

There are more plugins i think that will work on .17 but i am ignoring the Zoxygene and electrical power plugins for now because of the huge incompatebility between all them.

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@cruseaderuk, Earthpulse

Protractor Mod or Interplanetary Travel Calculator add something usefull what the MechaJeb doesn't have? I mean travel information and handy helps to plain travel to target. I use Mechajeb for orbital and landing informations.

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Very good thread indeed. An excellent idea would be to turn this into a public-viewable document usable through either PasteBin or Google Docs, that would hopefully ensure that this thread won't disappear and be maintained.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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