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Hello Kerbonauts, this is The Guardian Squid Expeditions Finance Department! We've recently been "gifted" a duo of KeR-7 Launchers and a Koyuz MK-II connected to a third KeR-7. We need to quickly get these off of our hands and into space! We're tasking you with building an interplanetary spacecraft with a lander. You'll launch the Koyuz first and put it into LKO then launching two other payloads and rendevouz with them in orbit above the KSC to hide it from our competitors at the Woomerang Space Center who got two Munollo launchers. The payloads you'll need to build are a Reuseable Lander of any kind of fuel (No Kraken-Powers) and a Ferry Stage using any kind of fuel (Still no Kraken-Powers).  You'll get to take your new craft as far as you like! 

The Craft:

A Soyuz and R-7 Replica mated together for the challenge is available in my Steam Workshop at this link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2481446423.


-Both DLC's are required to participate.:valsad:

-No Fuel Tank Part Clipping without taking a corresponding amount of Fuel and/or Oxidizer, Xenon, and Monopropellant.

-You can however clip fuel tanks through the base of the Fairing (The part that you don't build).

-No Engine Clipping unless it follows the rules regarding the Fuel tank clipping.

-All of the Kerbals must return home to Kerbin. :grin::valhappy::happy:

-Minimum Two Kerbals, Maximum Three.

-The Koyuz can't be edited outside of the stated rules. 

-The Koyuz's Parachutes can be changed.

-You can change the levels of ablator, monoprop, and Fuel in the Koyuz.

-You can mess with the SRB throttle and fuel levels in the Koyuz descent module.

-You'll modify the KeR-7 by removing the Koyuz and adding your payload.

-You can remove the parachutes on your two KeR-7s. 

-You can only extend the faring by ONE meter either in radius or height.

-You can't refuel your craft outside of the fuel and resources you bring in the three rockets you launch.

-ISRU is allowed but must be mentioned in your submission. 

-You can leave debris in orbit but do mention it in your submission and how much.

-You can remove the Launch Escape System on the Koyuz and your KeR-7s. :valsob:

-Feel free to use any number of gravity assists and waiting however long to go from place to place.

-Badges will be custom made upon request after completing objectives. :valwink:

-Reference the Allowed Mods Section for later. Have a Question? Feel free to ask!


-No parts mods, MechJeb is Okay.

-AmpYear and it's Reserve Batteries are allowed.

-Keep the Game mostly Stock (Physics and layout, but not Graphics)


(You don't have to reach/meet all of these!)

-Start the Challenge!

-Visit Moho (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Eve (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Gilly (Orbit and/or Land)

-Re-Enter Kerbin

-Visit the Mun (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Minmus (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Duna  (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Ike (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Dres  (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Jool('s Upper Atmosphere) 

-Visit Laythe (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Vall (Orbit and/or Land):valblush:

-Visit Tylo (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Pol (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Bop (Orbit and/or Land)

-Visit Eeloo (Orbit and/or Land)

-Capture and Asteroid and Enter it into the Orbit of a Planet or Moon.

-Use a Nuclear Transfer Module.

-Use an Ion Transfer Module.

-Use a Lqd+Ox Transfer Module.

-Use a Nuclear Lander.

-Use an Ion Lander.

-Use a Lqd+Ox Lander.

How do I Prove my Work?

-Post a Video/Timelapse of your Missions!

-Make an album with an image of each objective completed and another image showing the cheats debug menu showing.

-The Album must include the crafts in the VAB, on the Launchpad, and all the other locations you've visited with the resources menu showing. (You can also post an additional image without the resource menu)

Your Starting Badge!

As a Reward for Participating, You'll get this badge! 


(Note: Feel Free to Resize it)


Minor Advice from our R&D Division:

-Little cheat for those of you who want to use the Dawn engine.:valwink: The Koyuz actually has a small container of Xenon onboard that's empty that's only there for visual aspects. If you want to, fill 'er up!:happy:

-If you need some design ideas, look for minimalist missions on YouTube. There are some really good ones!

-You don't need a lander but it would count towards the ranking of your mission.

-Maybe as a Transfer/Service Module you could use the upper stage of the KeR-7 with a larger fuel tank and some docking adaptors.

-You could also use the upper stage as a lander.

-Bonus points for always being connected to the KSC through direct connection.



Leaderboard for the most Bodies with Gravity visited:










Leaderboard for the Heaviest Asteroid Captured







Leaderboard for the Cheapest but Furthest Reaching Craft:







Leaderboard for the Lighest but Furthest Reaching Craft:







Leaderboard for the most Creative Craft:






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Working on a Duna mission right now as a proof of concept- having some issues with heavier payloads and booster separation though, for some reason. Any idea what the max payload capacity of the KeR-7 is?

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On 5/13/2021 at 9:42 AM, KingDominoIII said:

Working on a Duna mission right now as a proof of concept- having some issues with heavier payloads and booster separation though, for some reason. Any idea what the max payload capacity of the KeR-7 is?

Honestly, I don't quite know, I've only tested it with the Soyuz with full Ablator (Worked but Needed the Boost from the Soyuz Service Module due to my Anti-Debris Morals) and something a lot heavier being the largest 1.875 Meter Fuel tank  with a lot of stuff on it (I cut the mission about a minute after launch as I was having issues due to the Weight).

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