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Choose your own destiny story

Maria Sirona

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Hello everyone. Maria Sirona here. Yoy may have heard of me.

The idea of this thread is, as the title says, a choose your own destiny story, in which every time a choice is to be made you give the next commentor a few choices such as that...

Person 1:

Bob Kerman drove to the KSC for another work day.

You can now choose. Was Bob there to be launched into space on the KSP's latest insane vehicle, or just to be as the CAPCOM (Person who communicates with the crew) for said vehicle?

Person 2:

He was there as a CAPCOM. As Bob parked just outside the Administration Building, good ol' Jeb was there to wait for him. He was to be the pilot for Illustrious One, that insane vehicle. It was a huge SSTO to take 500 tourists to Minmus. "Ey man, wanna grab a beer before we start the mission?" asked Jeb.

Bob can now decide to: A) Just start the mission or B) grab a beer with Jeb before starting it

Person 3:

-Yeah sure Jeb, of course i'll grab a beer with you, said Bob. Five minutes later, they were drinking beer in the cantina... And then, Bob suddenly collapsed to the floor. Jeb was like: "Oh no Bob! What da mulch will i do!?" 

Will Jeb 1) Call the medics or 2) tend to Bob himself

...and so on.


So, let me just start:

It had been 2 and a half years since the spaceship KSS Awesomeness had left Kerbin. Now it was finally arriving at its destination- the beautiful, green, many-moon gas giant Jool. The mission of the Awesomeness: to complete a Jool 5. (Jool 5 is a mission in which a spaceship and/or its lander(s) land with crew on each of the five moons of Jool and return safely back to Kerbin) Her crew was:

Captain John-Lucky Kerman

Pilot Besley Kerman

Scientist Keverly Kerman

Engineer Keordi la Fork Kerman


The Excellence was low on fuel, however. No worries, they could always refuel at Bop or Pol. But getting to either of those small moons was the problem. Captain John-Lucky had three options here. He needs your help to choose. And the options were:

A) Do an aerobraking maneuver, something the Excellence was not designed for and could be destroyed.

B) Insertion into Jool orbit with engines, risking running out of fuel or...

C) A Tylo flyby/gravity assist for Jool orbit. The least risky option.


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He, of course, chose the option which lay on the fringes of what was considered safe for his crew and the Excellence, yet provided a grander status, a risky yet Joolian Orbit. He slowly turned the craft and held Retrograde, firing up all the engines on the Excellence as the craft quaked and wrenched with the near soundless shaking, clattering and clanking of it's engines. And it made it, just with enough fuel to spare to land on one of the moons it considered, but now, Captain John-Lucky Kerman needed to ask his crew, what next? 

A). Pilot = Do they take the lander-craft and harvest and refine fuel and then shuttle it to the Excellence?

B). Engineer = Do they take the Excellence out of Jool Orbit and risk running out of fuel on the Suicide Burn down to one of the moons?

C). Scientist = Contact KSC and ask for a Supply ship to rendezvous with them and in the meantime carry out experiments on Jool?

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Pilot Besley wasn't always happy with the Captain's gung-ho tactics, and felt he should have led this mission over John. Knowing that they needed to refuel and not risk the ship or the mission any further, he stated plainly, "Captain, I think we need to aim for Pol and land there to begin reprocessing ore into fuel to continue the mission." Keordi didn't seem to like that idea, being a bit of an armchair pilot. Keverly, wanting to make the call regardless of the decision spoke up, "If we do this, Pol is the best bet, lowest required dV due to low gravity."

Lucky decided to go ahead and land on Pol for ore. He also needed to decide who to take with him on this mission. While Keordi  made sense because of the ore equipment as well as if something were to happen to the lander he could repair it, this was an excellent opportunity to gather science while they mined and get some extra science that KSC surely wasn't expecting. The issue is that there was only room for two in the lander.


Does he choose

A = Take the engineer Keordi with him. Better safe than sorry.

B = Take the scientist Keverly with him. Fame and Science!

C = Take the pilot Besley with him. The others are needed on the Excellence.


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the enigneer reassembled the craft and made it so some engine thats providing thrust is providing thrust of -1000000000(a swivel,a dawn,and an o-10)

a:fire the engineer and restore the craft

b:enjoy kal underdriven fuel

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