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The Dawn We Left At | A KSP War Story [Prologue: The Rumbling Thunder]


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The Dawn We Left At

A KSP War Story

(By: @Mukita12)



    For the last five years, tension between the Republic of Hartfordia and the United Striabar State arose to a near highest level after Hartfordian government accused the Striabar government for inhumane acts against people with Hartfordienne background, even going so far as kidnapping Hartfordia's own citizen. It was only a matter of time before war broke up between the two of them and finally on December 16th, 2021, The Hartfordian military launched a surprise lighting warfare attack on the Striabarian Government. Will the Invasion succeeded? Will the personnels from all three branches of FANRH destroy the threat in southern region of Kerbin? From the world of MWRP Geopolitical Server, Mukita12 will bring you war story filled with Action, Sacrifice, Glory, and Honor.

The Rumbling Thunder

Chapter One
Here Comes the Cavalry

Chapter Two

More chapter to come


Author's Note: Greetings Kerbonaut, this is Mukita12 here. After reading @DarkOwl57's World War K, Battle of Kerbin and other of his war series. I'm inspired to write this kind of story as well, and the fact that i'm currently having war in the Nation RP that i'm in (which is where the maps from the above comes from) also inspired me to write a story. I will try to make this as semi-realistic as possible whilst also making it casual and Kerbal Friendly. My estimation would be that i probably post a chapter once every two or three weeks. If you guys want a semi spoiler, there will be 2 major character in the story. An Infantry grunt who is a member of the mechanized force and a tank commander, who's part of the armoured spearhead

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Well boys... saying that the prologue will be posted in the next three days is just a funny joke... I finished the prologue now anyway here enjoy



The Rumbling Thunder

DATE: 16th of December, 2021
LOCATION: St.Maulo Comms Station, 20 Kilometers southwest of Victoria Mountain, 14 Kilometers from the Hartfordian-Striabar Border, Striabar
TIME:0520 Hours


   It has been eight months since Captain Jack Mosenbly and his company was stationed in St.Maulo Comms Station, located just southwest of the Victoria Mountain, fourteen kilometers from the Hartfordian-Striabar border. It was another boring day for Mosenbly as it was the standard gathering up in the field for flag raising every two hours before dawn, routine inspection for all of the communication facilities and equipment, routine standard communication between his station and the radar station, monitoring the Hartfordian whilst relaying the information given by the radar station back to headquarters. Just the average boring stuff.


  All Mosenbly needed was to wait forty days till him and his unit were rotated back to the capital, Heisenburg. Of course, that didn't mean Mosenbly shouldn’t just laze around the base. He should have rallied his men to increase their morale.


  Why should I think about all of this, Mosenbly thought, It is supposed to be my free time. Mosenbly laid back on his old leather, but still comfortable chair. He occasionally looked around the room, observing its wall that was so old, it was starting to crack on like the ground that he saw five years ago during the Battle of Ervinske which had been pounded to death by many artillery shells. Oh, the memories of that battle sometimes haunted him during his sleep.


  The doorknob suddenly squeaked and Mosenbly sat up firmly on his chair so that his men always saw him as a professional officer rather than the laid-back idiots that the Hartfordian called ‘Officers’. The door opened and his adjutant entered the office.


  “What is it, Minley, any Important Stuff lately?”

  “Not really sir, other than the fact that the boys from the radar station sent us a morse message before our communication with them cut off again as usual.” Minley placed the paper on top of the desk which Mosenbly immediately observed


(The code)

-.-. --- -. - .- -.-. - / .... .- ...- . / -... . . -. / -- .- -.. . / .-- .. - .... / .... .- .-. - ..-. --- .-. -.. .. .- -. / .-. --- - .- .-. -.-- -....- .-- .. -. --. / - . .- -- --..-- / -. ..- -- -... . .-. / ...- .- .-. .. . -.. / ..-. .-. --- -- / ....- / - --- / --... / .- - - .- -.-. -.- / .... . .-.. .. -.-. --- .--. - . .-. / -... .-. . .- -.- / .-. . --.- ..- . ... - / .-. . .. -. ..-. --- .-. -.-. . -- . -. - / .- ... / ... --- --- -. / .- ... / .--. --- ... ... .. -... .-.. . / -... .-. . .- -.- / .. ..-. / .-. . .. -. ..-. --- .-. -.-. . -- . -. - / .. ... / -. --- - / .- ...- .- .. .-.. .- -... .-.. . --..-- / .--. .-.. . .- ... . / .-. . .--. --- .-. - / - --- / .... --.- / .. -- -- . -.. .. .- - .


 “Why did the boys at the radar station use Morse Code and what channel did they send it to?” Mosenbly asked.


  “Regular sir.”


  “Hmmm, that doesn’t make any sense,”


   “Yes sir?” Minley’s eye widen


   “If it was an important message or an order, they should send it on either priority or major channels, but they sent it on a regular channel. Try to decode those message, could be something important, and when your team do decode it, report it to me first so i could contact HQ about it,” Mosenbly ordered flatly


  “Sir, yes sir!” Minley left the room.

  Mosenbly then lay back on his chair comfortably again after sitting in a firm, professional position. It didn’t make any sense. If there were an attack, the radar station would use the standard issued Erwin Code to try to contact them, not using the ancient morse code, yet again, there was a possibility that during the attack, the code machine was broken. Mosenbly grabbed a newspaper beside him and started reading in an attempt to try and relax again.


  A fresh drop of sweat teared up around his head, soaking it in a greasy manner. A plane of water dripped down from the area of his forehead, slowly making its way to the neck. Mosenbly felt like his skin was burned by the ever growing temperature of the room, even the fan isn’t enough to cool it down. Mosenbly opened the window behind him, eyes still focused on the news paper. However, something felt off quickly right after he opened the window. He heard a distant thunder, the sounds of engine roaring slowly growing closer behind him. Mosenbly tried to play it off as probably just a civilian owned Heli flying near his base. However, the roar grew louder and louder before it finally became cleared to him. It wasn’t a civilian helicopter. It was a group of military attack helicopters. Mosenbly dropped his newspaper, stood up, and looked behind.


  He stood frozen. Hands shaking, Eyes locked to the distance. He didn’t know what to do. The radar station was  right and they weren’t joking. It was all too late now. Mosenbly spared a glance AT the clock. It was 0550 Hours.


  The whooshing noise got closer as the Attack Helicopter fired their rocket. He looked back at the window. All went bright, then dark, with nothing left.

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