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KSP Loading…: Leading up to something special


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2 hours ago, UomoCapra said:

12th major free update

What a game ,ahh simulation,ah education programm,forget it ,it make so much fun to be creative and build our skills in so much directions

no name needed just WOW. big thanks

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This is so good!

Thank you so much, the new parts are super nice and the anchors will be a game changer!

55 minutes ago, kerbiloid said:

The next step is the Bike Chain, to chain your bikes and rovers to the ground anchor if you park it at KSC or in other inhabitated places.

You will hopefully be able to do that, place on anchor a docking port or a robotic arm with a docking port or a klaw, grabbing unit i guess and dock or smash your rovers into it or something like that.

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Stock docking port rotation is awesome news!

Although this particular implementation might be a bit off. Aligning to the nearest 30 degrees increment automatically right after docking would make more sense mechanically, as if part of the latching process.

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Just now, Spaceman.Spiff said:

Why post this again?

They always seem to post these twice, once by a community manager that's pinned at the top of the subforum, and again by the SQUAD account.

I've never figured out why; it seems redundant to me.

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47 minutes ago, Ben J. Kerman said:

With the ground anchors, I can build space cranes! I can't wait!!

I didn't think of this. But now I think of it I actually need space cranes. 

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2 hours ago, MR L A said:

Will the new docking ports replace the old ones on existing builds/craft files?

Or will we need to update ourselves? :)


3 hours ago, Poodmund said:

Cool stuff, would the part designer of the docking ports be able to confirm or deny whether the collider mesh sizes and docking transform positions have been retained exactly when compared to the current parts?

They're set up so players don't have to update their old craft, the sizes are all the same.

4 minutes ago, MechBFP said:

They usually save the best for last, so curious what the surprise is going to be.

Maybe this is the whole update, and we just showed you the last thing?   

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8 minutes ago, Dr. Kerbal said:

Do we have an approximation on the release date of Kerbal Space Program 1.12.0 @UomoCapra ?  This July or June? 

24 June is the 10-year anniversary of KSP's alpha release, so that should be the release date if I understand the article correctly:


Coinciding with the game’s 10th anniversary, Kerbal Space Program is getting ready for its 12th major free update since its official release


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