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How to deploy/attach large/heavy parts?



I haven't played KSP in a couple years now, but today I felt like trying out all the new things that have been added in the meantime.

With Breaking Ground (yeah, I bought all the DLCs even without ever trying them, because, you know, KSP vanilla was too cheap for the value back then anyway) it seems we no longer need KIS/KAS to transport parts and weld them to vessels - at least I thought so.

I tried to attach an additional radiator to a vessel, but ran into the problem that the part is way to large to be put into a Kerbal's inventory. I can move the part to where it is needed by rover, no problem (makes sense that Kerbals can't carry a ton around) but I'm lost at how to get into "attach mode".
With KIS/KAS the part was shown in a green glowing outline and while the Kerbal was close to the storage and the place I wanted the part to be placed I could just put it there and it appeared. How can I do that with the stock system?

Or am I only able to use that system with parts <40l? Then why can I add bigger ones to the inventory at all?


Thanks in advance guys!

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18 minutes ago, marce said:

How can I do that with the stock system?

An engineer can activate EVA Construction mode by pressing the "I" key or by clicking on the hammer and wrench icon on the toolbar.
Then it acts like the VAB/SPH and the engineer can grab parts from storage within range and attach them as needed. 

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