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Complex medical care for Kerbals in space.

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This is an idea for a mod, I don't know if something similar has been posted before on this forum. I think it would be cool if a mod allowed complex medical care for the Kerbals, where analogs to human diseases related to space travel were used. For example, effects of microgravity, radiation, injuries from falls, explosions, blows, etc., that influence kerbal parameters such as its speed of translation, jump, as well as its precision in SAS mode, not to mention the loss of life or the full ability to do anything. It could be related to other life support mods (like Kerbalism or TACLS), causing diseases derived from the lack of O2, food, water, CO2 poisoning, and so on. The mod could include medical specialists, medical bay modules, medical supplies (and ISRU for it), etc., especially for small planetary colonies and interplanetary / interstellar vehicles. What do you think about this?

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It was mentioned in the Suggestions section for stock a few weeks back and was welcomed on the whole although not as in as much detail as you’ve listed. I like the idea as long as it’s not TOO micromanagementy although many players do enjoy that.

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