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Deployable flags should be inventory items

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Wow, one night sleep and this thread changed to "Finite flags" to "Specific company per mission flags" ;) 

Anyway, here's the mod


  • Flags are inventory items
  • You still need to use the "plant flag" button
  • Picking up flags puts them back into the inventory (if space is available)

Ok now let's take a look at this night's (for me) suggestions

13 hours ago, IvanSanchez said:

How about flag contracts requiring the flag of the agency giving out the contract to be planted, instead of any flag? e.g. if Kerlington gives a flag contract, I should plant a Kerlington flag and not my program's flag.

This is gonna be hard because of contract configurator. It has a Flag objective but not depending on the company (as far as I know).

13 hours ago, IvanSanchez said:

This would, of course, complicate the way that flags are added to inventories. Can inventory parts be variants? And even then, I don't know if it's possible (or easy) for a mod to create one variant per agency registered in the game. And then there'd be the issue of what happens when the player uses the KSC's flagpole to change the program's flag - how would such a mod keep track of the flag flying whenever any craft was launched?

Hum... Since 1.11.1 jetpacks can be differenciated, meaning you can have 3 jetpacks with each a different level of EVA fuel (see post above). Unfortunately there is no visual indication on which flag is which. I might take a look much later...

14 hours ago, MKI said:

Keep infinite flags + remove flag specific contracts from re-appearing

Very easy : install contract configurator and in the difficulty settings remove the standard flag mission. If I have time I'll try to dig up a custom flag plant mission.

14 hours ago, MKI said:

Make flags an inventory item of limited weight  + remove ability to "pick-up" flags

When starting to work on the mod, a bug was preventing me to pick up flags and I wanted to handwave "meh, you destroyed it by picking it up!". Now that it works, making it optional is gonna be hard... Maybe a second dll which patches only the pick up method...

Also the tracking station can still destroy flags.

The idea of the mod in first place was really plant flag/pick flag and remove the infinity...

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