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Strange stuff happening in ksp


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Plz read this to the end cuz its not what you think (its not a kraken attack) you will see why

So i built a stock gateway with just the solar panels from the near future solar mod.

I launched a stock sls i built to see if i could dock to the gateway or not and it went well.

The gateway I built was from renderings, schematics and blueprints from esa and nasa.

and the gateway had ion engines, batteries,  xenon gas, antennas  on hinges, sorvos and pistons, habitation modules (2) and an airlock provided by roscosmos and obviously docking ports

But here is where the strange thing happened (I haven't been able to replicate the phenomenon)

i launched a 2nd sls and went on to have a randevous with the gateway

but, i saw the gateway was moving in a strange way from the distance (its not a kraken attack)

and when i get closer i see the antennas are moving on the servos and hinges and pistons.

at first I too thought it was a kraken attack and even thought of dismantling it in kerbin orbit and deorbiting the modules but upon further inspection I found something truly shocking

which was that it wasn't a kraken attack because the antennas  were moving in a VERY specific way and after trying to figure out what was happening 

I saw that the antennas were moving to point VERY accurately to my vessels in the save

so the antennas were manipulating the locked hinges, servos, and pistons in a way that they would point with pinpoint accurately to vessels across my save ( and i made sure that they were vessels cuz it pointed to two objects with little distance on the mun (my mun rover and lander) and even i made sure it upon looking at the map

then it pointed to an island on which i had a functional craft

somone plz explain what is happening 

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