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Your best acronyms/initialisms

Maria Sirona

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Here are mine:


APEXR= Autonomous Planetary EXploration Rover

A rover with 3 crew capability. Not much to say.

RETRO= REusable Two-stage ROcket

Basically a SpaceX Starship replica with a few modifications of mine.

REAPER= Rocket Engine Assisted spacePlane ExpeRimentations 

The acronym is a bit forced, but basically the REAPER was my first and so far only SSTO plane attempt. It only made 3 flights which all failed before i decided i don't wanna mess with planes in KSP.


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Sometimes I have to add unnecessary features to the ship to make the acronym fit. Sometimes it's a little meaningless, I admit. 

  • DOPE: Dres Orbital Probe Explorer
  • MORE IS LESS: Minmus Orbital Relay Explorer and Integrated Ship with Lander with Embedded Surface System
  • MOB BOSS: Minmus Orbital Base for Basic Observations of Stuff on the Surface


Playing the Galileo planet pack a while back:

  • GOAT: Grannus Orbital Antenna Tech
  • GRASS: Gratian Relay And Surface Scanner
  • TGIF: Tellumo Ground-level Investigation Flight
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DAVE- Duna Ascent Vehicle for Expeditions, a Duna lander;

DDOS- Duna Descent and Orbit System, another Duna lander in a different save;

CALLISSTO- Combined Atmosphere-breathing Load LIfting Single Stage To Orbit, a prototype SSTO using atmosphere-breathing nuclear engines that I later refined and turned into SSTOs for Eve, Laythe and Tylo in JNSQ (because JNSQ Tylo has an atmosphere).

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BIPS - Basic Interplanetary Probe Scanner -  my generic probe that goes everywhere, used to launch 3 together in a shuttle. Sounded NASA-ish I thought at the time.

LIPS  - Landing Interplanetary Probe Scanner - as above but could land and had a ground scanner on to search for ore / easter eggs.

KISS - Kerbal Inhabited Space Station - a space station, inhabited by Kerbals.

SKIDMARK - Super Kerbal Investigation Device (Monstrously Awesome Reconnaissance Kit) - a manned version of LIPS. 

A**** - Another Really Super Experimental Surveyor - Slight variant of LIPS, had science experiments on. Would meet Kerbals on a planet to do experiments.

There are also one or two more obscene ones which would breach the forum rules if I posted :)

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7 hours ago, Maria Sirona said:

This thread is about the acronyms/initialisms you made yourself

Ok, I was just listing my favorite one to use. THe most useful acronym, and thus the best.

I have a number of acronyms, many probably would violate the forum rules if I shared them.

Lets have a go:

MOO: Minmus Orbiting Observatory (or any body starting with M)

MILK: Mun Intermediate Lifting Craft  (or any body starting with M) - a cargo vessel

EVIL: Eve Very Intricate Lifter

*Censored*: Moho Independent Local Fueler: a local fuel producing craft

*Censored*: Kerbin Rapid Ascent Plane

DOODOO: Duna Orthagonal Orbit Direct Ore Observation: an ore scanner in a polar orbit

ICK: Ike Cartographer Kraft

DOODY: Dres Ore Observatory, Detection of Yield

JOB: Jool Orbiting Bot

FART: Foreign Anomaly Recon, Tylo (or Foreign Anomaly Response Team, for the craft used by kerbals investigating anomalies).

POOP: Pol Orbiting Observation Probe

*Censored*: Tylo Intermediates Telemetry Station (I consider a relay to be an intermediate telemetry station)

LOSER: Laythe Observatory and Surface Exploration Rover

VOMIT: Val Observation and Mining Installation Transport- for the craft that delivers a surface base to Val that conducts observations and mining

*Censored*: Bop Orbiting Observation Bot. One should make 2 of these

EEK: Eeloo Exploration Kraft

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Once made a mission called FETT (Future Eeloo Transport Test.) Had a rover and lander, but there was a fatal flaw where the rover had no communication, and the lander had no more fuel. The solution was the just keep the rover attatched with the lander on top and drive it. It was pretty funny but felt very great as a lesson

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Well... I have only 1 name (ARS), but it can mean several field of specialization in my space program. ARS may stand for:

Abnormal Rocket Specification (for building just big dumb booster rockets to brute force the launch)

All-purpose Relay Satellite (for managing communication relay and satellites)

Absolutely Reliable SSTO (for building long endurance SSTO for travelling beyond Kerbin)

Aerial Reconnaisance and Sightseeing (for managing atmospheric aircraft for science or tourism)

Automobile and Rover Steering (for building land vehicles and rovers)

Anyone Ready for SCIENCE? (For doing SCIENCE!)

Advance to Reach the Stars (for managing preparations and missions of off-world expedition)

Advanced Rocket System (For testing new rockets and do some design corrections along the way)

Advanced Reusable Shuttle (For building SSTO that's used for around Kerbin only)

Absurdly Robust Spaceplane (For building spacecraft specifically designed for lithobraking without being outright destroyed)

Absurd Rocket Science! (The general modus operandi of my space program)

I might be overusing it lol :P

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