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Post building tips here!



Post rocket building tips here!
I'll go first!

  • Try to make landers as wide as possible compared to how tall they are (i have a lander thats about 30% as tall as it is wide and it lands on any angle on the mun, id be more concerned about Tylo)
  • Give landers as much Delta V as possible
  • It's not nearly as effective to put boosters on the boosters as to have the lander on top with a core stage and inner boosters coming from the lander's fuel tanks and then leave a little room at the bottom of the core to put the outer boosters.
  • Try to make your rocket somewhat short and fat instead of tall and skinny, this will especially help on less powerful computers to protect against the Kraken
  • Struts aren't very heavy, they're a good idea
  • Orbiting  Kerbin before going to another celestial body is optional and so, despite needing more Delta-V to do, it's good for training to not do it.
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  • if you want to build a Tylo SSTO (one that can land on Tylo) use vector engines. High gimbal and thrust help to land. 
  • for SSTOS, you want to be going at least 100m/s on the runway, or else you might not fly up. 
  • when going to Minmus because and pay attention to your orbit. It at the edge of Kerbin's SOI so it can be hard to get the menuvers just right 
  • Prograde: increases speed
  • Retrograde: decreases speed
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When trying to go to space...

Your natural instinct for a stable structure is that majority of it's weight should be at the bottom. This is a good instinct for 99.9% of applications in real life. It's one reason why the Eiffel tower is shaped like that.

Now throw that instinct away and build a dart.

Throw a dart hard enough and it will go to space on ballistics alone. The Eiffel tower would flip out and experience fiery RUD. Which would be a glorious thing to behold and ideally put on youtube, but isn't really very productive if you want to go to space.

Also, what happens on Eve, stays on Eve. Literally.


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