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The Flags of AtomicTech

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For your Enjoyment, I present the The Flags of AtomicTech:


Divisions included in Version 1.2:

-The Communications Division

In charge of Relays and other forms of Communications, this Division was comprised of the former members of the original Engineering Team who started AtomicTech from the depths of the KSC Intern Program.

-The Refurbishment Division

This Division was formerly the Recycling Division that split up into the SSTO and Refurbishment Divisions. These Kerbals are your go-to team for all your needs in reusing anything, like older space stations!

-The Space Station Division

These Kerbals are the group responsible in creating, designing, and helping with anything that stays in orbit and holds Kerbonauts. They even designed the new buildings!

-The Robotic Spacecraft Division

These are the newer recruits into AtomicTech and are generally considered, secretly by all the other Divisions, aside from the Administration, to be the resident nerds as they know every pop culure reference and how to write AI. They asked us, the PR Team, to tell investors that "W3 ar3 at the 4fr0nt 0f th3 d3v3l0pm3nt 0f th3 futur3 sp4c3tr4v3l." 

-The Public Relations Division

We are in charge of getting AtomicTech's Innovations out for everyone to see!

-The Life Support Division

These are the Kerbals in charge of keeping our Kerbonauts alive, our snacks tasty, and our Air Conditioning working. This group, led by Edward Kerman, are the single most important Division outside of the Rocketry Division (That didn't get their flag to us on time, typical.).

-The Survival Division

These are your hardkore, creative Kerbals who are in charge of designing our Minimalist missions and training our Kerbonauts for staying alive in any scenario! (Note: Beyr and Garls Kerman, former members of this division, are not still related to AtomicTech anymore after the Kerbolar Kan Incident.)

-The SSTO Division

Odd, complicated but usually effective.

-The Nuclear Energy Division

(This Statement has been redacted due to including secret designs and developments)

-The Longterm Travel Division

This Division split off from the Space Station Division to pursue a shared ideal of making sure that Kerbals are comfortable on long voyages. They usually collaborate with the Space Station Division to make the most comfortable accommodations and are commonly at odds with the Survival Division's plans for the most "hardkore" missions like their idol, Bradley Kerbstance.

-The Administration Division

The Kerbals who are in charge of us, please don't fire us!

-The Interplanetary Division

The most optimistic Division who want to go beyond Kerbin, the Mun, and Minmus but are still happy with testing interplanetary craft designs there. They are constantly petitioning Admin to keep giving them more money to go see places and see things!

-Finally, the Flag of AtomicTech

Iconic and Simple.


New Kerbol Conquest Flags!

The Administration wants the Divisions to show less "ownership" over programs and is issuing a new set of flags! Each Planet and Moon, save for the Mun, Gilly, and Minmus, now have a flag with the biome map included!

(Maps borrowed the KSP Wiki)


Planned Additions:

-A series of flags based off of prominent Aerospace Companies and Government Agencies (ver. 1.3)

-A series of flags based off of prominent YouTube Kerbal Space Programmers (ver. 1.4)

-A series of flags based off of prominent KSP Forum users (ver. 1.4)

-A series of flags based off of new divisions (and reorganized ones) of AtomicTech (ver. 1.5)

-Updates to existing flags (ver. 1.5)

Edited by AtomicTech
Updated it!
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No, I'm just really adept at editing, on my spacedock post, I wrote, "Backgrounds of Flags from the talented Vince Marcellino!"

I find working with other people's art really fun because it's like a puzzle where I define where things go byt not what the things actually are. 


Confusing? I think so.


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