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Max Speed Challenge.

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this challenge is simple: get to the fastest speed you can while in kerbin's SOI.  use any means neccessary. the rules:

1. no cheats. just dont open the cheat menu. exploits and glitches ok.

2. only stock. no part mods.

leaderboard will be posted here:

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

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How is the maximum speed recorded? Is the maximum speed the speed when leaving kerbins SOI after a long acceleration? e.g. after a long ion / nerva accerleration? As only Kerbins SOI is the limit, isn't this a "who gets the most dV"-contest, as leaving kerbins SOI takes a while, so that TWR isn't the real issue?

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So top speed must be within Kerbin SOI.  Is there any constraint on the craft after reaching top speed?  For example can the craft fly back out of the Kerbin SOI?  Does the craft have to be able to land on Kerbin again?


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Well... I don't know if this count as an entry , because I only have a video containing the highlights of the mission, but I once burnt up 18km/s of delta v  in order to get to Duna pretty fast... I believe the burn was completed inside the SOI of Kerbin, but that isn't really shown in the video..

Either way, it's nice challenge :) and here is a small video of my 'speedrun to Duna'.. (btw..my apologies for the tik tok-ish music) 



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