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The Elcano Challenge: Ground-Based Circumnavigation (4th)

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12 hours ago, Sp1f said:

Hello comrades!

Welcome to the forums, great first post!

I’m looking forward to adding you to the leaderboard!  

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Mun circumnavigation complete! This will be a "stock craft" entry with only a few visual mods.

In this career mode playthrough, I am trying to savor the early game by really exploring the Mun properly. To that end, in the weeks before destiny showed me this forum topic, I built a nice orbital station, complete with a general purpose rover for science collection and missions on Mun or Minmus. I call it the Gnat.




For the purposes of the challenge, here are some screenshots of the Gnat launching. I did launch from the KSC and fly it properly to the Mun - that just happened a week or so before I heard of the Elcano challenge. I originally intended the Gnat to just be used for light duty science collection and career contract running on the Mun and Minmus. It had already made one landing and 20km rove and I liked how it had handled. So when I heard of the Elcano challenge, I decided to give it a try with the rover I already had.



launching from KSC



upper atmosphere



burning for mun


The Gnat was intended as a part of the whole Mun/Minmus exploration package I called the Munar Gateway Station. Here she is docked at her berth before the mission.



Arriving on the Mun:



Leaving the Space Crane at the landing site and proceeding to the start line:



Placing a flag at the start line:


Some fun pictures of milestones on the way:



getting started


paying our respects


care package near the south pole, repair parts and some minor modifications to the rover.


found this by chance. weird spatial anomaly is visible that i see sometimes on the mun

After 27 days of driving when I could find the time, Bill and Dofrod finalled arrived at the finish line by the great arch. All the other Kerbals had come to celebrate.


Circle of flags:



Heading back home to the Munar Gateway Station to repair and prep the Gnat for Minmus:





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21 hours ago, Sp1f said:

Mun circumnavigation complete!

Leaderboards have been updated, congratulations!

Spelling 'Yay Bill' on the panels of the lander was a nice touch.  I have found docking rovers to rockets on the surface to be very challenging.  Your delivery and recovery sky crane setup looks great.

Again, welcome to the forums!

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Okay, I have come back from my holidays, and it seems that setting friction to its maximum mostly fixes wheels, otherwise it's like I'm driving on buttersticks. This means this elcano will come to an end successfully, I think.

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Alright, enough procrastination!

Minmus Elcano, aka Fast on a Blue Moon



We're back to an Elcano, with the brand new Centipede Mark Two! As expected it's much sturdier than the mark one, but you go so fast on Minmus, the fore is a weakness anyways.


Touchdown in the Great Flats


Our team:


Let's get going!


Casually jumping higher than the Empire State Building...


In a Flat, an old flag is found.


Pushing the wheels to their absolute maximum, I reach one third of the orbital speed, not bad...


From the Flats to the Highlands, let's find that monolith!


The Greenolith conveniently spawned close to the Equator.


We are moving much, much faster than Minmus spins, so it's not suprising we end up running out of light.


We still find the fixed monolith.


Another flat, another flag.


Uh... how did that happen? Did I accidentally destroy all light in the Universe?


One sixth of Minmus to go


Just a bit further!




Obligatory photo:


And now we get going.


This will never get old...


Not that much science was left, but hey, not gonna complain. The real science is the rocks you've treaded on on the way, or something like that, dunno.


Ring of flag! No Elcano 5 because I am a derp who cannot count.


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38 minutes ago, MinimalMinmus said:

Ring of flag! No Elcano 5 because I am a derp who cannot count.

That made me laugh!  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve done that...

At some point in the past, the game stopped providing me with an unlimited supply of flags.  So I started marking progress with KerbNet markers.  I still like flags better.   But it did cause me to change how I name waypoints.

I label my waypoints now with the basic lat/long (ex. 05N060W).  That has reduced the number of waypoints I mis-label, but I still think dropping flags as you go is a more elegant way of doing it.

I’ll get your latest run added to the leaderboards soon, great post!

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  • 2 weeks later...

So, literally years after my mun circumnavigation, I've finally done a Duna one.

This is with modded KSP 1.11 in my career game, with a bunch of mods - notably SSPX and most of near-future. There are a few screenshots at https://imgur.com/a/WYWog6i .

The trip includes a 200-meter-long interplanetary ship, carrying 6 kerbals, plus a 16-ton rover with a SSPX greenhouse and a 20-ton crew land/ascent ship in a coaxial configuration (with help of some 5m annular saddle trusses). The rover lands by itself, then the crew land on the land/ascent ship, rover goes rendezvous the lander, all 6 crew transfers to the rover. All 6 crew then go on to visit all of Duna's anomalies and most of its biomes, ending up at the ascent ship to get back to the 200-meter mothership in orbit.

My SCAN BTDT shows the path taken quite nicely:


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