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Random Main Menu Bodies


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Random Main Menu Bodies

What Is RMMB?

RMMB is a literally useless mod but makes the game 0.01% better. 


What Does RMMB Do?

RMMB makes the main menu of KSP a little bit better. By default, Kerbin is in the background of the main menu but now, all planets have a chance to be seen in the main menu.


Screenshots (Using Astronomers Visual Pack):




Ike (Or Dres):










Known Bugs:

  • Small Moons/Planets not being able to be seen until the 'Start Game' screen.
  • Getting the same planet over and over again (Very Rare but possible)



RMMB: https://github.com/CrankyJedii/RMMB/releases/tag/1.0



(License: MIT)

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I've been using this little mod for a while now, it's always interesting to see what appears. Today I got a strange, slightly crinkly looking yellow planet and spent a good while trying to figure out what it was, before I realised- it was the sun (Kerbol)! That would explain the strange lighting effects on its surface too.

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On 5/30/2021 at 8:50 PM, CrankyJedi said:

What Is RMMB?

RMMB is a literally useless mod but makes the game 0.01% better. 

Don't sell yourself short! I've never ventured into the "Tools and Applications" forum in search of mods before, but I'm thrilled that I did! This is one of those fantastic little mods that never fails to make you smile.

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