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Snacks in Space! What would you take?


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chocolates of some kind... maybe something cheesy as mentioned earlier. 

here's an idea: how about a liquid straw, inside your helmet, so as you jetpack on a planet you can suck on some pop or milk or whatever. easy portable drink!



(does a drink count as a snack?) :/


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Well at first I thought "fig or protein bars" because you know, healthy all around snack. But then I decided "Peanut Butter Cups"!!! Because you know, chocolate and peanut butter!


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On 6/5/2021 at 1:53 AM, Caerfinon said:

Hawkins Cheezies. That is all. 

The only thing I can think of is them exploding out of the packet when it's opened, showering all the electronics in fine cheese dust. Magnificent.


I'll take a coke to drink in a low-pressure pure oxygen environment. Carbonated drinks must be quite different in space.

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Honey Maid, Made with real honey  Graham crackers. 

And if any of you don't know what Fresca is, it describes itself as, "Sparkling Soda Water." Basically, sparkling water with a taste. I then add Orange Tangerine water flavoring that makes it taste better.

So Graham Crackers and Orange Tangerine Fresca.

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16 minutes ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:


You should urgently visit a doctor...
An exodoctor, as humans usually produce carbamide.

Back to the topic. It can't be urine, as it's a metabolic waste.
But as Kerbals don't have any signs of ethanol presence in their rockets, they probably lack the plants producing it.

And as the only inhabited Kerbals site is next to the sea coast, this means they depend on the seafood, and their dessert is something fro the sea, but with enforced shades of taste.
As the sea food hardly can give a sugar fermentation, it's probably some kind of rotting.

As the Kerbals should have oversensitive sense of the ammonia smell (to search and distinguish the maritime beasts), their sense spicy taste should be optimized for ammonia compounds.
(This also lets them to sniff even the lightest shades of hydrazine in the air, so they can safely use it as fuel and as perfum).

So, they should probably pour the semi-rotten fish and jelly-fish sauce into their dish, to get it more spicy.

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