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[1.12.3] Logical Progression 0.1.2 (10th April 2022)


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Logical Progression 0.1.2

License: CC BY-NC 4.0



This mod is the successor to ImprovedTreeEnginePlacement. It is an expansion to the entire community tech tree, Logical Progression therefore already contains ITEP,  mainly focused for better career gameplay. It is an attempt to streamline and linearise the progression through the technology, no more random unlocks, or basic parts that are pushed far down the tree for no logical reason (hence the name!). You get parts you want and not a random mix of parts from different categories. It is primarily destined to support my own suite of mods, but I am putting it out so anyone who desires to can also try it out for themselves. It conserves the CTT to the highest extent possible while adding a minimal amount of new nodes.

Almost all parts have been moved to new tech nodes, here is a brief summary of what it boils down to: parts get unlocked in growing order of size. Most parts with the same cross-section get unlocked in the same nodes, with one exception being the rocket fuel tanks. The tree now has a line for fuel tanks, trusses & station parts, couplers & docking ports & engine mounts, robotics, aerospace, aviation engines, landing, science & isru, ion & plasma propulsion, probes & antennas, drone cores, electrics, radiators, colonization & habitation, logistics. You won't find radiators or antennas in electrics, nor will you find science experiments elseswhere than in the science nodes. Some sacrifices had to been made so some patches can be debatable.



Currently planned is a cost and entry cost rebalance of almost all the parts following a clear structure, but that won't be for anytime soon, propositions are welcome. My idea for now is to base the costs on weighted combinations of mass, thrust, isp, crew capacity and type of part, allowing for easy but efficient and clear patching. i.e. for fuel tanks, cost = mass, entry cost = 5 x cost; for engines the separation between very efficient (nuclear, cryo) needs to be made, so that kerolox still is attractive.

Supported mods

  • FFT
  • NF (all mods)
  • USI
  • KIS
  • ReStockPlus
  • Stock
  • Making History
  • Breaking Ground
  • CryoEngines
  • HeatControl
  • Interkosmos
  • Kerbal Atomics
  • ScanSat
  • Benjee20_Suits (New)
  • BonVoyage (New)
  • Spacedust (New)
  • SystemHeat (New)


No patches are provided for making history 5m parts (as of now) since NFLV replaces them, and my patches target those parts. SSPXR v2.0.0 is currently supported, and further patches will be provided for the upcoming 5m parts. I will also look into the part placement of KSP 1.12 once it comes out. 


  • Community Tech Tree
  • Better Early Tree
  • Module Manager


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Update v0.1.2:

  • Changes to the placement of fuel tanks: Now all tanks of a certain diameter are grouped in the same node. Cryotanks of the same diameter always come one node later, as they provide an advantage for cooling. These changes should make career mode more bearable early on, as most of the part limit gets taken from fuel tanks.
  • Changes to remote guidance unit placements.
  • Tying in to the above, added SAS upgrades for probes and rgu's, so that you can use rgu's for nice looking ascent vehicles, and probes for satellites, without being at a disadvantage by using probes. The upgrades are available for all unmanned command units.
  • Moved the ion propulsion line as a child of nuclear propulsion
  • Added balance patch of Tharsis (CryoEngine) and Corgi (ReStock+) in cryo mode, to have better thrust for their size. Tweaked the cost respectively.
  • Changed Data and Science storage of labs
  • Added balance patch to increase Cheetah and Bobcat (Making History DLC) thrust by 1.25x for more adequate performance. Directly inspired by JNSQ's patch.
  • Added "Telemetry report" from Probe Before Crew under the MIT license.
  • Various changes about techtree placements which I may have forgotten about.
  • Added Modular Launchpad placement patch: Now all parts are available from the start. The thought behind this, is that they don't help you advance your career and you don't need to waste precious science early game for nice looking launch pads.
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