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8 hours ago, dok_377 said:

Maybe this is what led to KPS being as buggy as it is. Uncoordinated development. Just saying. 

No. A lot of games companies have people working from different places in the world. 

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Thank you Squad, for this excellent final update!

Thank you Squad, for the best, most fascinating, most motivating, most educational and fun game I have ever played!

Big, big, big, thank you!

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21 hours ago, Curveball Anders said:

In other words, they're not abandoning KSP, they stay open for releasing fixes if (or rather when) needed.

And finally freezing the target gives them (or rather their hired guns) a good chance to bring the Console version(s) up to PC specs without having the target moving all the time.

That's what people wanted, right? Bugfix update when? Well then, in near future after June 24th.

And I'm surprised nobody mentioned that because it's the same, 1.11 on console when? Now the other company can catch up without worries that they'll be behind again in few months.

19 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

They have two developer teams and basically same game.

If they were going to keep the previous team, why would they order the game re-development to another company rather than extend the existing team?

One could argue that Simple Rockets 2 is the same game. Building, flying, orbital mechanics, right? Same franchise, universe, sure. Really, after seeing more and more sneak peeks, I'm starting to think that the only things connecting the two are Kerbals, the starting system and a bunch of parts.

And I have answer to the question too.

Because Star Theory/Intercept/the New Guys were already experienced developers when they started working on it, they did not gain basic experience while working on it. I mean sure, a chunk of the original team is no longer here, but imagine, they are ordered to stop ksp1 development and start working on a sequel - that's ~5 year gap (ksp2 development started in late 2017) with nothing in between, and money has to come from somewhere. Now, Squad is there to help, maybe to speed things up, or expand the scope even more, or both, or neither, who knows what they'll be doing.

19 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

It's almost same game for any person from street, not familiar with KSP-1 and -2, who is presumed to make a choice.

You're coming from the street, you see one game from 2011 with basic graphics, nearly cartoonish, and see another one from a decade later, looking a hundred times better, all in all being a huge improvement over a first one. Which one you choose? You shouldn't buy games blindly without even looking at them. I wouldn't recommend Witcher 1 to anyone (played for 15 minutes and left it) but I could recommend Witcher 3, even if I never planned to play it, as by the looks of it, it's just better than first one and by a mile.

19 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

And as a proof we can see the cancellation of the KSP-1 development before the KSP-2 sales start.

Proof of what? 

Ksp2 was meant to be released first in 2020, then this year. The decision to end active ksp1 development after certain features have been added could've been made years ago and the sequel may have nothing to do with it.

19 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

KSP is not a fantasy MMORPG, it's about a set of cones and cylinders moving in space. Unlikely they need juniors and auxilliary personnel.

Not so much to do in space.

You're saying like it's easier to make than a generic mmorpg.

And btw I've seen some young-looking people, presumably on junior positions in the ksp2 team (but who knows, age does not equal work experience), and I believe it was art department.

Like, I'm actively looking for a job in the industry and I've seen a simulator-making company hiring for junior environment artist/level designers. What's wrong with that?

As final note, if the new company wasn't chosen to take over from Squad, we probably wouldn't have one of the most passionate Creative Directors I've ever seen, Nate Simpson with us.

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20 hours ago, kerbiloid said:

KSP-2 is already created without Squad.
Why Intercept would need them to continue maintaining the ready-to-use product?

That's not necessarily true. Nate and others have said they have been working with SQUAD giving them guidance throughout the development of KSP 2. Can't remember where exactly it was mentioned but I recall Nate talking about how he got corrected on the pronunciation of "Mun" (M-uh-n) by the SQUAD team.

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On 6/11/2021 at 1:00 AM, UomoCapra said:

... we will be celebrating the game’s 10th anniversary. And on that day, we are releasing Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach, our 12th major free update!

Congratulations to everybody at Squad, past and present, who has contributed to this fantastic game!

It's sad to see the end of updates for KSP1.x (there's still quite a few things I would have liked to see added to stock), but it is amazing that we've had 10 years of free updates (as well as a couple of DLCs) - amazing value for all and sundy!  Kudos also to the amazing modding community who has extended the core game in too many ways to mention and has contributed significantly to the game's longevity.

Looking forward to many more hours enjoying this game :)  And all the best to the devs moving on to KSP2.. I really hope the sequel will live up to KSP1!!   Based on what I've seen.. I am a little worried, so it's great to see the Squad devs joining the effort.

As SM would say, "fly safe"!

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I've been playing KSP since 23.5 and in the 7 years (wow... that's a long time) that I've been playing the game, it's brought me a huge amount of fun, challenge, stress, funny moments and surprises.

That's a long time and this is a long post, but bear with me... it does have a point.

The long, long road.

Before KSP I'd only joined the forums for a couple of other games and for those I was only there for the a bit of technical help or gameplay tips, however KSP has been different... very different. This one post will bring my total count to 2010 (Hmm... I made some fan fiction about that) and it boggles me now that I've hit the Submit Reply or Submit New Topic button 2010 times!

I'm not as prolific a poster as some, but I've been pretty active over the last 7 years, including posting things that I'd never considered making before playing KSP, such as fanart and fanfiction videos.

I've been playing games since the early 80's and developing them since the mid 80's and I've probably put in almost as many hours on KSP as on all other games I've played combined (excluding those that I've worked on). My World of Tanks obsession of 2012/13 pales into insignificance compared with my gaming experince on KSP, as did my fairly short (but intense) time with Guild Wars.

In KSP I've done far more than I ever thought I would when I threw my 24.99 euros at the Steam store on July 23rd 2014.

I've flowin to all the bodies in the system, both just for fun and as challenge entries, taken SSTO spaceplanes to orbit and back, explored the ocean depths, climbed mountains, raced rovers (usually across deserts, thanks @Triop and @DoctorDavinci), destroyed the KSC with a gang of jet powered rovers and even made a trip around the entire coastline of Kerbin's mainland in a jet powered boat.

That's just some of the big stuff. KSP's given me the opportunity to enter dozens of challenges (of all kinds, some pretty weird), go adventuring in the Kayak Club (thanks@Hotel26), all sorts of mining and refuelling setups, countless rescue missions, building many, many weird and fanciful craft for land, sea, air and space... plus the occasional encounter with the Kraken, some genuinely spooky.

I once made an image to show examples of the various things I'd been up to in the game called "1001 things to do in KSP", the crazy thing is thatimage was made 5 years ago.


After that in 2018 I posted another image focused on the various fanart/fiction that I'd worked on.


Since then my playing of the game has reduced somewhat, but there was still plenty more to do, with far flung parts of Kerbin to identify by an image then fly to (Kayak Club), more tall tales of Apollo astronaut encounters with cute green aliens to recount in The Truth Can Now be Told.

Plus a little boat trip.

That "little trip" began as many things do in KSP, with a failure. I'd tried to make a jetski for Jeb to gad about on in the sea near the KSC, but it was hopelessly unstable. So I did what all good KSP engineers do... think bigger.

This resulted in me being the owner of a nice stable jet powered boat, with acccomodation for the Jeb, Val, Bill and Bob , ISRU gear to fuel the thing, a rover on the back and lawn furniture on the decks for them to sit in and enjoy the view on a trip around the entire coastline of Kerbin... and what a view it was.


Of course it wouldn't be KSP without some mistakes. The key one being that the ISRU gear was so unproductive that I had to warp through a few months to fill the boat, which felt way too much like cheating. This meant I had to operate a fleet of refuelling vehicles to supply the boat with precious juice.  These being the Juice Goose, Juice Moose and MIRF (sometimes dropping a tank of fuel from orbit is the way to go).

















But the best view of all was this.

It had taken 62 legs (rendevous with air/spacecraft to pick up fuel) to make this "sorta-circumnavigation" (the seas of Kerbin are basically one big lake), following the coastline of the mainland, something that took me 2 1/2 months, playing almost every evening. It was a crazy, sinkhole of time, but worth every minute, especially when the VAB poked up above the land on the horizon at the end of the trip. It was genuinely a very emotional moment and felt just a little like I'd done this trip for real.



But what a ride

ok... so what's my point with all of this.

So far it just seems like a long brag (I've done this, been to that and made this thing), but my point is that none of this would have been possible, or even occured to me as something I would have done in a game, without a small team of developers in Mexico City. I'm telling this story of my experiences of the game and this forum, not because it's special, but because it's mine. There will be similar tales that could be told by countless other people on this forum and that really is the point.

This might sound a bit over the top, but KSP has been one of the single most influential things in my life and I'm saying that as someone in their mid 50's, a game developer for over 3 decades and with a pretty eventful life all told. As something that's earned the right to the thousands of hours I've spent playing it, spured me to spend hundreds more working on all sorts of art and writing, and spend many more conversing with others on this forum about the game, this surely has to be true.

I'm very grateful to the team at Squad, past and present and wish them the very best for the future. This isn't an easy business to make a career in, but a very satisfying one, so I wish all of you long and fulfilling ones.

I'd also like to thank that other part of the team that's made KSP what it is today, the mod makers.

Squad's choice to make the game mod friendly has paid back massively, with what must be one of the most prolific, talented and dedicated group of moders of any game. They've affected all player's experience of this game, even those who only play stock, as their work to add and improve on the stock game has influenced Squad's development of it. The obvious example being that Final Approach will add functionality (KAC and TWP) that many players relied on mods for, to add this to their gaming experience.

So to these unpaid, occasionally hassled, but key members of the team, I'd like to say a big thank you.

Finally I'd like to say that it's been a pleasure to spend so much time on this forum with other players of this game and look forward to continuing to do so, long after KSP has made it's Final Approach, parked safely in the spaceplane hanger, where Jeb, Val, Bob and Bill (and the other unsung heroes) sit, enjoy the setting sun.

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3 hours ago, The Aziz said:

One could argue that Simple Rockets 2 is the same game.

I'm about KSP-2.

3 hours ago, The Aziz said:

You're coming from the street, you see one game from 2011

KSP-1 is from 2020. Nobody sells 0.7.3.

3 hours ago, The Aziz said:

Proof of what? 

The topic of this thread? It's the final major release of KSP-1, no more development, only support.

And KSP-2 is still in late 2022.

The KSP owner definitely doesn't need KSP-1 competing with KSP-2.

3 hours ago, The Aziz said:

You're saying like it's easier to make than a generic mmorpg.

I'm saying that this game doesn't need a lot of keyboard slaves to code routine things. like a MMORPG

It needs seniors, and there are their own juniors in Seattle.

3 hours ago, The Aziz said:

As final note, if the new company wasn't chosen to take over from Squad, we probably wouldn't have one of the most passionate Creative Directors I've ever seen, Nate Simpson with us.

He is among the KSP-2 developers, what's a problem?

2 hours ago, mcwaffles2003 said:

That's not necessarily true. Nate and others have said they have been working with SQUAD giving them guidance throughout the development of KSP 2.

So, how does it correspond to their need in the whole team?

They support the current version and cooperate with the people which they probably want to hire.

This doesn't mean they are going to adopt the whole Squad.

First of all, KSP is a commerccial project. Also it's a game.

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