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KSP Memorial thread.

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Talk about your most fun moments, your first rocket, any of your memories from KSP1, any old screenshots you have(please give game version) and anything else relating to KSP1

It has been a nice ride everyone so lets pay our respects to KSP1 and make it known that it will always have a place in our hearts.

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1 hour ago, Master39 said:

I honestly hope it, it would mean that KSP2 will be better at being KSP than KSP itself.

I do too.

Though I imagine KSP will still have its share of players regardless. There are plenty of people out there that still play original games instead of their sequels. There's also nostalgia, performance, mods, comparisons, OS compatibility, affordability, etc, to consider as other factors. I'm probably missing a few other things.

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2 hours ago, Minmus Taster said:

KSP 1.12 is the last update.

What are your feelings? Il hear them when I'm coherent again...

woah woah woah memorial?  KSP isn't dying, it's just gonna stop adding stuff. KSP is not dying.

Excluding that, I think it's time for KSP to stop updating. What else is there to add (besides cough clouds)

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Yes (clouds) and better water(graphics)

KSP will never die I won’t allow it too

Plus there will probably be people who prefer the original rather than the sequel 

Ooh minmus taster what does minmus taste like. Personally I think it’s minty but I guess I’ll never know what it truly tastes like because I’ll die if I take my helmet off (like the guy in the recovered rover footage) so it would be great if you told me ( I realised I went on a rant sorry:))

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this hit me like a truck just because i grew up w the game, but this solves two problems. First, I no longer have to restart my space program with the fear that a new update could break mods that i use for a bit. Second, this will eliminate scope creep from KSP 1 to KSP2, and make the KSP2 Dev's lives easier by being able to implement everything from KSP1 to KSP2. All in all, i think this was a good decision for the future of KSP. 

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