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I would like to see a new set of contracts.

Instead of taking tourist to orbit and come back how about using those space stations that the contracts make us build.

Send a tourist there for a week. Do a warp collect your money or do another contract and come back for him-her later.

Same with mission specialists. Send one with a "Doodad" to Munbase for a year.

The specialist could be contracted to go by rover to "Someplace" with the "Doodad" then bring it back to base. Eventually back to Kerbin itself.


Take a specialist-scientist to the pole of Duna and take a "Doodad Report".

Tourist appear once and are gone. A specialist could be a recurring non-payroll Kerbal.

Contract: Upgrade Mike-Kerbal-engineer-specialist to class 2.

Change in contract. The one year Munbase contract as been cancelled send Billy-Bob-Specialist directly (Without returning to Kerbin first) from Mun to Ike for 40 days.

Specialist Poncho need to leave Mun-Station for Gilly. Must be out of Kerbin SOI in the next 7 days for "Reason".


In all just an excuse to use our rendez-vous and landing skills.



How about de-orbiting contracts.

Spacestation-x as been decommissioned.

Dock wit it retrieve valuable crew and-or equipment then de-orbit the sucker.





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