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[1.12.x] ToggleLadderExit (TLE)

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KSP 1.11 got a new option in the overall game settings to control whether Kerbals can walk/slide off of the end of ladders.

I found that it would be useful to be able to toggle this on the fly, ergo this mod.

Toggle Ladder Exit

A simple little mod which allows toggling the new system-wide setting which prevents Kerbals from walking or sliding off the end of ladders.


A toolbar button is provided, as well as a hotkey which does a momentary toggle.  The Toolbar Button shows the current state of the setting

Pressing the hotkey (default is letter L) will toggle the setting as long as the hotkey is depressed


Hotkey Configuration

Keybinding can be changed by editing a file:  ToggleLadderExit/PluginData/keybind.cfg

This file is created after the first time the mod is run, and is set with a default value of "L"

Note: By not distributing the file, any local changes will be preserved.

If you'd like to create the file before running the first time, the contents will need to be:

    keycode = L


Toolbar Button

The toolbar button looks like this

Option is enabled (Kerbals cannot climb past end of ladder):    eWFI3hX.png


Option is disabled:  td5DTGp.png



Available via CKAN

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