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BG surface features never appear. On Xbox


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Xbox one x,   Latest updates on the console and the game.  KSP was purchased with both dlc’s and installed at same time.   I can see and used the BG parts in a career game. BG contracts for deployable science experiments come up but I’m not seeing anything related to the surface features. Ive spent a lot of time with rovers on Kerbin and the mun but have never  come across any surface features.  Have tried starting new game but still nothing ever appears.   
So any thoughts about how I can get them to appear?


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Unsure since I play on PC but one way of getting a bit more certain is to open the debug/cheat menu, locate the Breaking Ground section and enable 'surface feature finder' (or something like that).

That will create arrows above each feature making it easier to find 'em.

Personally I spent hours looking for them before I started to get the hang of where.

Another way is to turn down ground scatter, removing all the pretty effects and objects, but leaving all the actual features.


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I’ve looked through the setting for something that would control the ground scatter but not found anything.   It’s almost like dlc is partially installed,  my career game has about 500 hrs  in total.  The scanning arms were first unlocked at the 250 hr mark but no contracts for surface features have appeared.  Where as once the deployable science parts got unlocked those contracts appeared right away.  Since documentation is sketchy I have no clear way of knowing if the dlc installed correctly or not. 

@Curveball Andersbut thanks for your comments…

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I’ve seen that thread but I done everything on a console that I can.  I bought the game and the DLC’s at the same time together .  So it should have worked in the beginning.  I’ve started a new savegame but it doesn’t work any differently..  if I didnt have 800+ hours on this career game I’d just deleted everything and try reinstalling and see what happens then…. I was just hoping there would be an easy fix that someone might have known

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