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Tips on Landing on the Mün

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The only way to improve is to crash there intentionally and then send a rescue mission, only for it to crash unintentionally, and send more rescue missions, until the Kermans run out, and the Science is done!

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Without knowing much about what you did before... 

Practice is the real key, there is a reason why real pilots spend hours in simulators going through multiple scenarios.

 Different vessel designs may need different 'tactics' depending on TWR, and their shape (tall and thin = unstable, short and wide = much safer).

A high TWR design can be a lot more forgiving if you come in a bit quick or need to adjust things last minute, but can also be a bit 'twitchy' if you get heavy handed with the throttle.

Create  a few different designs, you don't need anything complex,  and use the Alt F12 'Set Orbit' feature to try things out.

Also, consider using a mod like 'Trajectories', it can help enormously with landing closer to where you want to.

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Get in a nice orbit that nearly grazes the surface, and do your landing in one nice continuous burn as you approach that periapsis. That's the most fuel-efficient way to do it, as I understand.

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