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10th Anniversary Timeline


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Kerbal Space Program has been out for 10 years now, and we wanted to celebrate by highlighting some of the memorable KSP and space events that occurred this past decade.

Here’s to many more years of KSP and space exploration! #10YearsofKSP

KSP 10th Anniversary Timeline Forum.jpg

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Thanks so much - so many pixels! Awesome poster material - a real keeper!

An Inkjet printer is going to run out of black, tho.  I wonder what this would look like with a light moon-gray backdrop? 

~opens Photoshop to mess around~    ;)  

Edit: (A few hours later) - b/c so much of spaaaace is black, reversing the  backdrop color would require putting the "event horizon" image into a box,  and  the "Rosetta" image... idk.   To do a decent alternate color scheme, I'd have to dig for the various images used, and start over.  Sooo.... I'll just repeat my thanks! :)  

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2 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:

And the most amazing factoid, is that I started my current job exactly 10 years ago :D

Not KSP related, unfortunately

Erh, wait, how can you do another job while still updating 34257 different mods?

Wasn't all those 'time bender' thingies from Harry Potter destroyed or locked away?

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