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New merch in the KSP store!


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Just now, Dr. Kerbal said:

Wait. Will these things be available on Amazon? 

Probably going to be a website thing, like most other companies do

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4 hours ago, KSPStar said:

To celebrate 10 years of KSP, we've added a special Limited Edition 10 Year Anniversary medal to the store. *While supplies last. http://bit.ly/kspmedal

KSP 10th Anniversary Medal.jpg

You asked, we delivered. Also featured in the store is the highly requested Jeb plush! https://bit.ly/kspjebplush

KSP Jeb Plush.jpg

Got my order in

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Hey, dear Private Division! Just got my preorder cancelled because they don't ship to Russia. Thats a disaster. I really, really want that coin very much.

KSP changed so many lives and brought so much joy to us. Come on!

Will we be able to order the merch with delivery to Russia some time in the future?

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I looked at the medal on the Private Division store and it looks great @KSPStar. However it says I can only Pre-Order it. I do not have any problems with the ordering systems its just that, can I only make a pre-order or will orders also be taken in when all/some the medals have been made? Thank you.

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1 minute ago, kerbiloid said:

A souvenir Kraken?

See that would have been funny as a gravity indicator. Engine cut off... Release the Kraken!!

I may have shamelessly hinted at these for an upcoming birthday. :blush2:

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