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Help naming a space station

Wizard Kerbal

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I'm un-creative, so I don't have a name for this station. Help.
Oh, and there's going to be multiple of them, so 3 2 names please

Low Solar(Moho+Eve) - Un-named
Mid-solar(Kerbin+Mars) - Ares
High-solar(Jool) - Un-named

Wait, Dres? What's that?

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If you already have Ares, you could stick to the naming scheme and go with other Greek gods or goddesses... Like Zeus and Hera were his parents, I believe. And Phobos and Deimos were his kids. Or some of the other Olympians maybe, like Apollo, Artemis, Hermes etc.

Sometimes I go for ancient cities or countries, like Babylon Station, Laconia Station etc

Or, I also like to honor some Astronauts sometimes. Like Lovell Station is one of my favorites, just the old Apollo or Shuttle pilots.

Or sometimes I go for scientists, or even fictional characters from sci-fi books, like Boone Station or Nagata Base and so forth.


But if you already have Ares, I think Greek gods for this one.


BTW, hard to believe you are un-creative, that Station looks pretty neat from here.

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