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Pol and Eeloo Mini Elcano for 1.12

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Celebrate 1.12 by completing a ground circumnavigation of either Pol or Eeloo.  Or both.

1.12 is planned to be the last major update to KSP.  Two celestial bodies received texture updates in 1.12, Pol and Eeloo.   Why not take a drive around them to celebrate 10 years of KSP?

The rules:

For those not familiar with the Elcano challenge, you basically drive a rover or other ground-based vehicle around a planet or moon.  The long way around..  More complete rules and explanations can be found on the Elcano Challenge page.

For this challenge, you must have an entry accepted on the Elcano Challenge pages, circumnavigating either Pol or Eeloo.

Please note that this challenge is not for the faint of heart.  The challenge has been around for years, currently in it's fourth iteration.  The list of players who have completed the challenge on any body is quite short.  The list of players who have completed the challenge on Pol or Eeloo is much shorter.  Exactly two players have completed the challenge on every CB in the stock KSP system.

While the Elcano Challenge is a heritage challenge, and isn't going away, this sub-challenge is time-limited, to celebrate the release of 1.12.   I'm thinking I'll accept entries for about two to three months.   Entries should be posted on the Elcano Challenge pages (referenced above).  I also currently manage that challenge, and will post successful entries on this challenge as well.

Good luck!

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