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Is there a way to increase a Kerbals rank?

Crazy Kerbal

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2 hours ago, Crazy Kerbal said:

Hi,There is a problem I face that when a kerbal dies *puff*,after that when they are reborn or found there rank goes down.So,is there an way increase kerbal rank without  doing more mission?

There are some "training" mods, or just hack the save file (for Windoze users KML is a good way for the latter).

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There are some mods that allow you to level up crews using the lab module, either by paying with science or just leaving them there for a while, but the best way to do it is to have them plant a flag on the Mun and Minmus then send them just outside Kerbin’s SOI, which will level them up to level 3 even if they’re brand new with no experience beforehand.

Or you could stop killing all your Kerbals :mad:

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