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Problems with KSP 1.12?


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I just started playing KSP a few days ago, and love it (took a couple of days but now I can orbit reliably). I’m running via Steam on OSX and was running version, and all was well. Today I got an upgrade notice to move to 1.12, and now I’m seeing two problems:

1: I get the staging set up the way I want in the VAB, but when I go to the launch pad, the engine and decoupler are reversed. I can manually move them back to  the correct order, but it’s consistent that the settings in the VAB are reversed when I move to the launch pad.

2: After launch and I switch to the map view, there is no Apoapsis marker. Worked fine in 1.11, but the marker isn’t present in 1.12, making it difficult to orbit.

Is anyone else seeing this, or is it a new setting that I need to check? I restored 1.11 since 1.12 isn’t playable in its present form, but I would like to be able to run 1.12 if there’s a way to fix the two issues I’m having.

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Thanks for the quick response. In 1.11, the tracking station shows as level 1, but the markers are visible when in orbit. V1.12 shows level 1 also, but the markers are not visible. Part of the problem might be due to the way I'm running KSP, which I do by launching the program directly from the app, which is buried in (OSX) Library folder. Running directly I get v1.11, and If I run via Steam I get v1.12. Very strange, and it implies some sort of a problem with the application launch structure (or me being too smart for my own good!).

I just discovered this, so I think my next step is to uninstall KSP via the Steam interface, then delete the KSP folders in the user Librarty (if they still exist), and finally reinstall it via Steam and see what happens. 

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