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Make "Time Mode" and "Maneuver Mode" settings stick?


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When I control a craft I'm seldom interested in the "Display Staging" info (lower left). I want to see the "Maneuver Mode" view, with info about apsides, inclination etc. Similarly, I'm most comfortable with UT rather than MET "Time Mode" (upper left).

It's getting very old having to toggle these views Every. Single. Time. I switch between craft. Is there some way to make these settings stick? (I'm no stranger to manually editing files if that's what it takes.)

(I have an annotated screenshot that shows what I'm talking about, but there doesn't seem to be any way to attach an image to a post? Just "Insert image from URL"?)

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That takes care of the Maneuver Mode display - thanks, much appreciated!

I would still like tips on the Time Mode, and also on some way to make the altitude reference setting (sea level vs ground level) stick.

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